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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat?

We'll be all about the treats today at the shop!
Come see us today for more than just the candy kind of treats...
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Swap Topz

Swap Topz is our newest jewelry line and they're already really taking off!

The idea is to first buy the necklace chord with the magnetic piece attached to it...then you can choose whichever bottlecap-style pendant (with magnetic back) that you want. The best part about these necklaces is that you can get as many of the pendants as you like to mix-and-match and change around as you like...and you only need one chord!
Check out the cute pendants that we have available and then hurry in to get yours while all the styles are still available!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Magic Wishing Bracelets

Magic Wishing Bracelets are cute, pretty, sparkly and colorful…perfect for any princess! The fun doesn’t end with the way that they look though…each bracelet comes with a keycode that princesses, with the help of their parents, can go online with and unlock different games in the Magic Wishing Bracelet Princess Kingdom.

The idea was conceived by a mother-daughter team. They’re loved by girls and recommended by parents. They provide hours of family fun that is both creative, educational and, most important in this day and age, safe. There is no online chat or third party advertising.

Here’s an excerpt from the Magic Wishing Bracelet website;

Wishing Bracelets Are Educational

As Princess Renee travels around the world or explores her princess neighborhood, she sends emails which are filled with educational content. There are many educational bonus games that focus on math, language arts, and social studies where kids are rewarded with princess points.

During the princess video game, the audio that the princess and animal friends speak is also shown in text bubbles, so kids can practice and learn their reading skills. They can always turn off the volume and read by themselves!!

In "Create My Princess", kids can learn money management skills by earning Princess Points and using them to buy clothes and other items. And if they don’t have enough Princess Points to buy what they desire, they can earn more in a variety of ways.

Promotes Good Deeds

Throughout the game, every task completed is complemented and rewarded. Emails emphasize the importance of being a good citizen, caring for the environment, being charitable, doing homework, recycling, doing good deeds and more. All are rewarded with Princess Points.


In "Create My Princess", girls use their creative abilities and have fun designing their very own princess. They can dress their princess, choosing shoes, dresses, hairstyles, accessories and much more. They can design their environment by choosing backgrounds, furniture, pets and more.

To learn more go visit and then come in to the shop and get some of the bracelets for your little princess!
Oh yeah, these would make GREAT stocking stuffers at Christmas time...don't forget about that!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bows for the season

Fall is here along with all of the cute fashions that go along with it!
Check out the great hairbows that mom recently got in at the store. I love the pumpkin ones...

and the ghosts...

...and look at the turkey bow! This one just makes me giggle.
Ok...I actually love all the new bows for fall.

We also have several bows that aren't as "themed" for the fall season...
These look great monogrammed and soon we will have them in stock with initials already monogrammed on them. Stay tuned to the blog for when those arrive.

classic black and white polka dots...
Pink. Pink. Pink. The patterns are great!
This would be great as a little clip for the girls without a lot of hair but also would work in the center of a bigger bow or added into a headband.
This is another great little clippy bow.

Friday, October 2, 2009

ICU Glasses Special

A few weeks ago I saw a beautiful necklace on Tabetha's blog - it was brightly colored and had a variety of beads in different shapes, sizes and textures. It looked just like something that mom would wear...except she doesn't wear necklaces as often as she does eye glasses straps so I asked Tabetha if she could change it for me.

Mom loves it of course!

The other day Tabetha posted it on the blog and mentioned the great brand of reading glasses that we carry at the shop and told people to go check them out. I commented on that post that anyone who visits the shop, buys a pair (or more) of the ICU glasses or sunglasses and mentions Reminisce Heirlooms can have 10% off of their glasses purchase!

So...go on over, check out her blog and look at the beautiful eyeglass holder that she made for mom (and the rest of the great stuff there). Then come in the shop, look at the ICU glasses, buy a pair at the "Tabetha special" and then have her make a cute eye glasses strap to match them!

Wow, that was a long walk for a short drink of water...sorry folks...I'm guess I'm just chatty tonight!