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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Arrivals

We try to get in unique toys and gifts and our stuffed animals are no exception. We try not to just have the teddy bears and stuffed dogs; but goats, rams, woolly mammoths and dinosaurs too! Check out these new arrivals.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Girls Alice

We got in the first of our fall Crocs shipments today! My stock of girls Alices has been replenished! For now I have chocolate, black and ruby...hopefully I'll be finding some more colors soon though. These are great for church or dressy occasions but you can easily dress them down and wear them with jeans...and they have a couple of holes at the top for Jibbitz...I REALLY like the black ones with the black and white giant flower Jibbitz in them!

Myself Belts

One of the great product lines that we picked up at Market this time is the Myself Belts. These belts are kid friendly in that they hook with Velcro to make it easier for kids to dress themselves (and they really come in handy, apparently, around potty-training time!). They've been featured in First Magazine, Parent Magazine and USA Weekend, just to name a few and have won aaaall sorts of awards! We have cute designs for boys and girls, and depending on how well y'all like them...we can get a lot more cute designs. We are the only shop anywhere around to carry this great kids accessory and we're so excited to have them!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Stella

For those of you who are fans of the classic Baby Stella; meet the new addition to the Stella line. This is still Baby Stella...just a little bit older...with a head full of hair! And now that hair is a factor; she comes with blond or brunette/black hair. The dark haired one is my new favorite!
She's still safe for little ones and is the perfect 1st birthday gift...but since Christmas is not too far away...we're already having people to put them back for Christmas gifts! Make sure you get one while they're still in stock!

We're beginning to do layaways - and wrapping! - for Christmas...we'd love to help you with your Christmas list!

A new baby

JonCollin James Womack was born on Thursday, July 24, 2008 to my cousin Jonathan Womack and his wife Shelly.

He's very cute...see?

You all know how special Chalee (big sister) is to me...I don't think this new baby will change that at all. He's sweet and all, but she's still my baby! Thank goodness that she is very excited to have a baby brother. She greets everyone right now with "Baby brother is out of Mommy's belly now! and he's here. His name is Collin James."
So here are some pictures from Thursday...enjoy!
Chalee holding JonCollin for the first time

Aunt "Henen" and baby JonCollin

Chalee kept poking and touching the baby and it was making her daddy sooo nervous.

Mommy and baby having a moment


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Birthday Visitors

Yesterday was great and busy! I grabbed a few pictures with some of my buddies who stopped by in between bursts of having to wrap, ring up people's orders, help people with Crocs and check off the new shipment of Hello Kitty!

Here are Alli and Morgan Mingle. I'm very excited to say that Morgan is back to cracking jokes and being silly...that is SUCH a blessing! Alli is still the great big sister that she has always been ... I love talking to her because she is so mature for her age and so funny!

Jackie Smith is one of my favorite people. We don't see each other nearly enough so I'm so glad that she and Bella got to stop by yesterday!

And here is Bella Smith. She looks a lot like our new Karito Kids, Piper, so that was my excuse for getting them in...more about that later!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Most of you know that on my birthday I love GIVING gifts to everyone else.
So, this year, in addition to our big Crocs, swimwear, Sanrio, bags, purses and accessories sale...we also have a Birthday Tree up at the register.
When you get to the front counter to checkout you get to pick a gift off the tree, open it, and see what your discount will be for any regular priced items you might have.
There are 10% off, 15% off, 20% off, 23% off (for my 23rd birthday, of course!), 30% off and maybe a few discounts that are even better! There are also a few 'free gift' ones in there and probably also a few '$5 off your order' ones! You'll just have to come and check it out!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Jibbitz

The Harry Potter Jibbitz were finally available at market this time! I decided to order the sorting hat and the Harry Potter logo...maybe I'll do the rest next time.
Here are some of the other sports Jibbitz, this time with a Disney spin!
Here are Slapshot Mickey, Hole-in-one Mickey and Cheerleader Minnie...
Chalee calls this movie "COHM PO PADA"! We have all the main characters.
I have been watching for these pony Jibbitz for so long! FINALLY they were available...
I reordered the deer Jibbitz because they went so well the last time I had them...especially with the camo Crocs (that should be here any day now, I promise!) for you hunters out there. The zebra and the penguin have also gotten a really great response so far.
There was another version of Hannah Montana Jibbitz this time around! We love Miley...and with the movie just around the corner I figured this was a good time to stock up!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

God Light

For a few minutes on Monday it looked like we were going to get a storm.
It got dark and really windy. We looked outside, though, and this is what we saw.

How can you stay inside and worry about a storm when you see something so beautiful? It really makes you stop and think and thank God for the BEAUTY of everything that he has created - even storm clouds!
We didn't get the storm...but what a show, huh?

What does $2,000 worth of Jibbitz look like?

New Jibbitz are HERE!

The giant flowers are always popular...and I FINALLY was able to get in the black and white ones...hooray!
Disney Princesses Cinderella and Ariel join the mix...
Ok, so that isn't really "the" Joker...but it works, right? With the movie being so popular and all, we're almost out of I figured now was a good time to reorder!
Some of my nurses, medics and firefighters have been asking for Jibbitz with their you go!
I love the trucks and rocket ships!
Ballet shoes for my ballerinas...
and what was suppose to be a yellow ribbon for the troops...but it looks more gold to me...I guess it still works the same way if the thought is there, huh?


We've got 'em all covered!

Since several of our Predators went to Philadelphia, and since they aren't in our division or our conference, we can cheer for them! So for atleast me and Seth...maybe a few others...I got the Flyers Jibbitz. I still love Scotty Hartnell and Kimmo GO PHILLY!...unless we ever meet them in the Stanley Cup Finals...then BOOO!...but, trust me, it'll be hard for me to say that to Scotty!

Of course, UT....

I ordered the Dallas Cowboys' Star...also I reordered the Titans, Vandy and my Predators Jibbitz...

Jewels are always popular ... especially when y'all see the CUTE sparkly outfits that we have for fall that these jewels will go great with! And just so you know...I ordered extra of the pink, fuchsia, purple and clear....I know that's what you wanted!

More Sale!!

Come check out all of the stuff that we have on sale for 50% off =$1!
Swimsuits, Sanrio, bags, purses, diaper bags and a whole lot more!
We'll have it inside the store this week and then on Friday and Saturday we will be having a big sidewalk sale!
Come see us and shop till you drop!
It's never too early to start shopping for Christmas, you know!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crocs Sale!

We have several styles of our Crocs on sale right now!
Come in and stock up while we still have the sizes you need and want!