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Friday, February 29, 2008

Bragging Rights...

"Brag Bags" have become quite the trend lately and when Mom and Dad saw this one at Market, they just had to order it! And can you believe it's only $14.99? Seriously....
And there are other bags and purses besides this "brag bag"!
Come in and see this entire line of really affordable and practical bags.

Gift Idea: Mother's Day is coming up. What mom wouldn't love this?

Like I said before...

This is just a sneak peek of what's in the new shipment...

To see the rest you'll just have to come in and see!

Ashley's on Spring Break SALE

I am just so glad to have a break from school this semester! Today began my spring break...and I don't have to go back until the 10th...Hooray!
So in honor of this great feeling at the beginning of spring break and the fact that spring is JUST around the corner...we are having the biggest Sanrio sale that we have ever had!
20% off of almost everything in our stock of Sanrio!
The only exclusions are the luggage, the pencils, pens and a few boxes of Brand New Summer Sanrio that we just recieved today.

But really, considering how much we have, that's still almost everything in the Sanrio section!! 20% off!
AND...all of the Keroppi stuff, as well as all of the Batz Maru stuff is 30% off!!!
We have to make room for the new stuff somehow, right?

Tell your friends...tell your family members...tell the Easter Bunny...come in and stock up on gifts this weekend...

We aren't quite sure when we're gonna end this sale...probably Tuesday or Wednesday...make sure you don't miss this sale though!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Haha...not that kind....but just as cute!

Crocs' newest sandle for kids is the Otter and we just got in our shipment last week. And the best news is: Crocs is now making some of their shoes in size 2/3 for babies (previously the smallest they offered was 6/7 and then 4/5 this past year)!

They come in fuschia with cotton candy
...and army with mango. I can't wait to see some kids wearing these around!
Maybe it'll warm up soon...and stay that way until Fall!


All of the new Necklines are here finally. There are 2 new styles of initial charms, two new necklace styles and now she has added a bracelet! They are all very cute and a couple of the styles will even be great for dressier occasions! Definitely come in and see them while we still have all the letters!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bobby Ray's Spring Craft Fair

March 8th is the Spring Craft Fair at Bobby Ray Elementary and I will have a booth there to promote my facepainting "hobby". I've been facepainting at parties and for fundraisers and other events for several years now...but I'm hoping to start really getting out there and trying to schedule a lot more parties and events in the months to come.
Below is a much more elaborate facepainting than I usually do...this is what comes out of sitting at Relay for Life till 3 in the morning, though (and having a really great and supportive boyfriend)! I'll try to post more birthday-party-specific facepaintings when I find them...

My friend Veola, who is known for her very cute christmas ornaments, Santa letters and Easter Bunny letters, will also be setting up with me to show off her cute designs...she really has so many cute ideas in her head, who knows what she will show up to the craft fair with?

It should be a whole lot of fun. I'll post more info in the next week or so about the craft fair and about what's developing with both mine and Veola's "hobbies"...

Birthday Keepsakes...

We have a whole lot of stuff for your little birthday boy or girl. Frames and china sets like the ones in the picture (also in blue) as well as birthday hats, shirts, outfits, bibs and toys. These kinds of things end up as keepsakes that are kept to remember those very early birthdays that are such big deals!

My dad's action figure...

This is funny...I just thought I'd share. The Mighty Muggs company makes these really cute action figures from movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones and this is the action figure that they've made to look like Sean Connery's character in Indiana Jones. My mom has always joked that she thinks that dad looks a little like Sean Connery...but the action figure really really shares the resemblance, I think! Haha...Seth put them side by side in one picture so that we could really compare...Isn't it funny?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh Baby...

These are some of the bags in the new toile collection from Stephan Baby. This company makes such great diaper bags, plush animals, moses baskets and other baby accessories and their products are all affordable but still very chic.

I know that in the past few years, it seems we may have not focused as much on our baby is true that we have promoted our toy lines , Hello Kitty and Crocs alot more than anything else lately...but our roots are in our baby lines. We haven't forgotten that and we really hope you haven't forgotten! We are still the best place in town to come and get that unique and special baby gift that you just can't find anywhere else! You can get a pacifier or a onesie anywhere...but where else can you find a moses basket, a giant personalized piggy bank, puruvian cotton gowns whose proceeds go to pediatric cancer research, or a PeePee TeePee? LOL!

Plus...we wrap free, we will run it out to your car when you pull up and honk....we will even deliver the gift straight to you or to the shower if that is what you need!

We have a really great selection of very cute and very nice things in our baby section...something for every budget and every stuff is arriving every day...just come see what we have for you!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fit for a Princess...

This door knob sign is one of our newest arrivals and it will make a great gift for the princess in your life. It is cutesy but can also be kind of stylish...I can really see this working for almost any age girl. I can even personalize it for you!
According to my mom, they told her at Market that this door-hanger was featured in the movie Enchanted...I can't find that screencap online, but you can bet as soon as the movie is out on DVD that I will get it and check! Princesses do seem to be bigger than ever right now...there are so many of US around right now!
I think the Easter Bunny should really take note of this...I'm sure many of our little girls will be wanting this in their Easter baskets!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A very special Birthday...

Connor Williams, the son of Kirby and Wes Williams, is a very loved little boy. Just today I think, he celebrated his 1st birthday! All week we have had Connor's friends and family coming in to get gifts for him and they all wanted to get him something super special. One such gift was one of the cute new themed piggy banks that we recently got in at the shop. This one in particular has a fire truck them but there are several others for boys and girls. As you can see, we can also put a name on them to make them more personal. I think Connor will love this gift...hopefully by the end of the party all of those loving friends and family members will have given him a little change to begin filling it up!

Happy Birthday Connor!

Dear Easter Bunny....

Gracie Brock was in the store yesterday and was doing some Easter shopping. She found several things that she really liked but she found one thing in particular, this pet bed from Sanrio, that she really really wanted the Easter Bunny to know about. She said that she needed it for her kitty Snowflake and she really wanted me to tell the Easter Bunny about it and to tell him NOT TO FORGET! I just told her that I would take her picture with it and post it on the website so that the Easter Bunny would see when he checked my website. So,


Gracie is a very good model, by the way; she follows directions so well! She is the daughter of Michelle and Bill Brock.
Gracie's daddy, Bill, just got a pair of the Tikali sandals by Crocs. He seemed happy to be getting them and I'm really excited to find out what he thinks of them this Spring! Maybe we can talk Michelle into sending us a pic of Bill in the sandals for the website to show them off!

P.S. You all should know, the Easter Bunny does come and shop with us....he also calls me on the phone, checks our website and has even been known to email me on occasion. Keep this in mind as Easter gets closer...Kids and adults alike can come in and talk to us about what the Easter Bunny needs to bring to their house.

Brad Paisley

For my Valentine's Day present, Seth got us tickets to the Brad Paisley concert last night in Nashville. We both really like Brad's music and we were not dissapointed by the show! It was such a good performance and we had so much fun! Brad is such a talented musician. Here are some pics I took during the show.

We got to see two mini concerts before Brad's set. Chuck Wicks was the first performer. He sings the song "Stealing Cinderella", a song that always makes me cry. He's very pretty and we got to meet him after the show. He signed my cowboy hat and Seth took my picture with him; sorry the picture is sort of blurry, my camera's batteries were dying and wasn't working the way we wanted it to.

Rodney Adkins was the second performer. He sings the song "Watching You", "Going through Hell" and "Cleaning this Gun". I really like his music. At the end of his set his little boy ran out onto the stage, Rodney put him on his shoulders and they waved at the cute!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy "Wear Your Bunny Slippers to Work" Day!

Yes, the ears are the best part of the bunny cookie!
To celebrate the day, mom and I both wore our bunny slippers to work, of course. We also had some cookies for our customers, made by the very talented Miss Paula Wanamaker at Cookies by Paula! OH GOODNESS! The sugar-bunny-cookies were AWESOME! They taste to me a little bit like rebellion and I like it; when I was little and Peggy Malloy was the owner of LifeLine Christian Bookstore, she would serve cookies just like these to her customers. I wasn't suppose to eat alot of them because of my food allergies but I would go down and sneak a couple every day and I just remember that they tasted sooooo soooo good! She also made us some chocolate chip cookies that I can't have because I'm allergic to dairy but they have been grabbed up like crazy too! I decided that I needed to take a picture of them before they were completely gone so that I could show them off!
Thanks so much Paula....I'm coming down off my sugar high from eating several of the cookies this morning!

Valentine's Day...

We had a great day at the store yesterday and got to see a lot of our kids decked out in their Valentine's Day best! Little Marley Bree Burch was one of them and she was wearing her headband and bow (below) from our shop. Her mom, Crystal Wray was doing some shopping and found some of our new Beyond Creations headbands and was trying them on Marley too (that is the white one in the pictures).
Marley is 6 months old and had just had her shots when she came in so she was not in the best of moods. Usually this baby is laughing and smiling like crazy but yesterday she was feeling very serious and not sure who to trust ("Are you going to give me a shot too?")....but we finally got a smile out of her for the pictures! I do just love the picture below, though....she's looking at me and the camera like, "WHAT ARE you doing, crazy lady? Can't you see I'm hurting from those shots?"

"Two" Cute

Kyleigh was in the shop the other day with her mommy and daddy wearing these hot pink sunglasses and I just had to take her picture! She had her 2nd birthday at the first of this month. She is a BIG Hello Kitty fan so her party was Hello Kitty themed!

And of course, her smile was much much bigger when I wasn't taking the pictures...but that's how it goes...she's cute no matter what though!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Which side??

As the presidential race is heating up....why don't you show your allegiance on your Crocs? Which side are you on....the right, the left...or do you just want to get one elephant and one donkey and put them on the appropriate foot? Haha!

Just in time for Valentine's and Easter...

For the girly-girl...this new line is soooo cute! Purses, book-ends and jewelry boxes are only a few of the things that this company offers. Like I said in the title of this post, these would be perfect for your little Valentine or for the Easter baskets. If you're doing some last minute shopping tomorrow for Valentine's Day, we can get it wrapped up and have you on your way in a jiffy!

Yes, this is a PIGGY BANK! How cute! Perfect for the little princess in your life!

Recital is just around the corner too...


As most of you know, Hello Kitty and all of her friends have definately grown up. While they still have themes and characters focused on little kids, they definately focus quite a few styles and themes for bigger kids. They focus alot of their stuff towards high school and college aged girls.....
I had honestly thought that Pandapple would be more geared towards the younger girls BUT I saw a girl in Peck Hall at MTSU on Monday with this book bag slung over her shoulder! I just thought I would share that with y'all. I like to report sightings of our products but I figured just posting a picture of the backpack by itself would be easier than digging out my phone to take a picture and then getting the girl's permission and risk creeping her out with a, "can I put your picture on my website?" Haha...
We'll be seeing our Sanrio rep, John Fox, on Friday. So if you have any requests for us to order something special, now is the time to check with us and see if we actually can order it.

While we're on the subject...

This is the Tikali and I'm terribly dissapointed that they don't come in my size. These are geared toward men but if you are a woman with a size 9-or-higher foot you should seriously come in and try these on too! Seth is already in love with them and says that the insides of them on the sides feels like cushioned jersey material! These will be great for your guy who needs a good shoe to walk in, something a little sturdier than a flip flop, but one that will still breathe. Seriously, come see them while they last!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crocs Capri and Crete Flip Flops

Here are the pictures that I promised...

I really really like these and I think they're going to go even better than last year's version of the Capri!

This style will definately be great for those of you about to head out on Cruises or Spring Break. I like this black pair below because even though they have canvas straps, they are black and will look great for beach-y type dressing up!

And THESE are the Cretes. The blue color looks just like denim and the khaki color just like khakis...convenient, huh? These are great for you guys who live in their jeans or khaki shorts during the Summer. And for you ladies who just love these colors, the men's sizes do overlap a bit with women' definately come in to see them and maybe they'll work. We go all the way up to men's size 13 so we can fit nearly every guy out there with these!
And finally, here is a close-up of the Crete's canvas strap. The women's Capri is made of the same material. Soooo comfy!

These would make a good Valentine's gift for your sweetie...don't you think? You could write on the card, "you're my SOLE-mate"! LOL

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cretes and Capris

I don't have pictures yet, but I will post them sometime tomorrow or Wednesday.

Today we got in the Crete and the Capri flip flops.
The Men's (Crete) sizes start at men's 6 (women's 8) and go all the way up to men's 13.

The Women's Capris are in all the regular sizes. Come in quick because I don't think I'll get a chance to reorder for awhile and these will go fast. We ran out really quickly last summer and in my opinion, the styles last year weren't as cute as these!

If you just can't wait till I post the pics, come on in to the store this week and see them!

It's cruise time everyone, you need a pair now!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Celebrate...for a good cause!

The RunawayRabbit bunny slippers have been showing up everywhere...these are just a few of the "sightings" they have featured on their website!
This Friday, February 15th National "Wear Your Bunny Slippers to Work" Day! So, if you haven't got already got a pair, you need to come in and get some from us! Even if you do have a pair, I bet you don't have a pair quite like the ones we have. You've seen my pictures in an earlier post with mom in her pair of "Flip Hops"....who can resist those? Hurry in and get yours!

"Hop" on over to the RunawayRabbit Website and see their 'countdown to National Wear Your Bunny Slippers to Work Day' clock and to learn about the Gift of Adoption fund that they support....and that you, in turn, can support by buying their products from us! They donate 10% of their profits to this charity that gives grants to families who qualify for adoption but can't afford the whole process. Oh yeah, Come into the store on February 15th and have some milk and cookies with us. Wear your bunny slippers in to the store and we'll give you 10% off of your purchase! Like I said earlier, HURRY in and get your pair!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

After Snow Princess

Well, it's over! The pageant was tonight and most everyone I talked to after the fact talked like they enjoyed themselves! I think the girls were really enjoying themselves too...I heard them backstage singing along to Hannah Montana and High School Musical DVDs! The pictures I have posted are from rehearsal last night...above is our President, Susan Burks and Vice President, Natalie Miller as they were getting some last minute details figured out.

Caroline Scott, pictured below, provided our entertainment for the night. This picture is from when she was rehearsing last night....her outfit tonight was great though, go over to Tonya Scott's blog; maybe in a couple of days she'll have pictures posted! She looked like an eighties pop singer in her gold jacket, poufy skirt and big gold was great! The Scott family shops at the store alot and we just love Caroline and her little brother Andrew. Tonya did a great job with those kids; they are polite, talented and just so smart!
Here are a few of the Miss Snow Princess contestants last night at rehearsal. They were waiting for their turn onstage and as boring as rehearsals usually are; don't they look like they're having a ball? The girls were hilarious though. I learned alot of things from the girls tonight...apparently, I am too old to like Hannah Montana's show or music (AM NOT! I definatley don't think so! I think she's great!), I look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast and I really really deserve a tiara (the tiara thing was my idea, but they all agreed!). They were all great and so beautiful tonight. I am very proud of each and every one of them!

Congratulations to Elena Holder, who won the title of Little Miss Snow Princess 2008 and to Madison Taylor, who was named Miss Snow Princess 2008!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow Princess

I just want to remind everyone one more time about Saturday night's Snow Princess Pageants.

Junior Auxiliary is hosting this event and ALL of the proceeds go towards our service projects that we sponsor throughout the year. For those of you not familiar with J.A., go visit the National Junior Auxiliary Website or call me and I can tell you anything you want to know. In a nutshell though, we help out in the community through many service projects as well as working on a case by case basis with families in need. We are completely devoted to our service work, especially when it comes to children in our community. By supporting our finance projects, like the Snow Princess Pageants, you are supporting our service efforts.

The pageants begin at 5:00 and are being held at the McMinnville Civic Center. It will be alot of fun and the girls are sooo cute and pretty!

Come on out...what could be better on a Saturday night than supporting a good cause and getting some entertainment in the process?

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail...

Yup, Easter is just around the corner...and the Easter Bunny is getting ready to start writing letters to all of his "fans". For those of you who received letters from Santa at Christmas, this is the same idea. Kids love getting mail and the Easter Bunny is more than happy to oblige. The letter will come in the mail, addressed to your child...all you have to do is come in and fill out a form!
This is not a form letter in which there are blanks filled in with your child's name and information; it is a real letter written with your child in mind using the information that you provide on the form. If you're curious, come in the shop and read Chalee's letter from last is so cute! And for only $8 it is such a good deal for the care that is put into each letter!
And on top of the really good price that it is to start with, if your family has more than one child; she is offering a discount!

Groovy Baby..

The new Groovies are here and they are so colorful. I can't wait to see them in Easter baskets this year! Don't forget that the Easter Bunny often comes and shops at our store! He (she?) loves the prices and likes that I help him out with putting the baskets together when he (she?) gets too busy. Just give us a call if you'd like to have Mom and I let him (her?) know bout anything that the kids might want...he (she?) usually will listen to us! The reason for the gender confusion there is because my friend Veola has a suspicion that the Bunny might be female...I really have no idea!

Also, the new Petrageous by Groovy Girls are here. They are so so cute and make a great gift for any little girl!