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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A very special Birthday...

Connor Williams, the son of Kirby and Wes Williams, is a very loved little boy. Just today I think, he celebrated his 1st birthday! All week we have had Connor's friends and family coming in to get gifts for him and they all wanted to get him something super special. One such gift was one of the cute new themed piggy banks that we recently got in at the shop. This one in particular has a fire truck them but there are several others for boys and girls. As you can see, we can also put a name on them to make them more personal. I think Connor will love this gift...hopefully by the end of the party all of those loving friends and family members will have given him a little change to begin filling it up!

Happy Birthday Connor!

1 comment:

Kirby Williams said...

Thank you so much for Connor's gift. I can't wait to put some pictures in it. It was very sweet of you. I loved all his gifts from your store. He got more than he knows what to do with. Thanks again.