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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crocs Capri and Crete Flip Flops

Here are the pictures that I promised...

I really really like these and I think they're going to go even better than last year's version of the Capri!

This style will definately be great for those of you about to head out on Cruises or Spring Break. I like this black pair below because even though they have canvas straps, they are black and will look great for beach-y type dressing up!

And THESE are the Cretes. The blue color looks just like denim and the khaki color just like khakis...convenient, huh? These are great for you guys who live in their jeans or khaki shorts during the Summer. And for you ladies who just love these colors, the men's sizes do overlap a bit with women' definately come in to see them and maybe they'll work. We go all the way up to men's size 13 so we can fit nearly every guy out there with these!
And finally, here is a close-up of the Crete's canvas strap. The women's Capri is made of the same material. Soooo comfy!

These would make a good Valentine's gift for your sweetie...don't you think? You could write on the card, "you're my SOLE-mate"! LOL

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