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Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy "Wear Your Bunny Slippers to Work" Day!

Yes, the ears are the best part of the bunny cookie!
To celebrate the day, mom and I both wore our bunny slippers to work, of course. We also had some cookies for our customers, made by the very talented Miss Paula Wanamaker at Cookies by Paula! OH GOODNESS! The sugar-bunny-cookies were AWESOME! They taste to me a little bit like rebellion and I like it; when I was little and Peggy Malloy was the owner of LifeLine Christian Bookstore, she would serve cookies just like these to her customers. I wasn't suppose to eat alot of them because of my food allergies but I would go down and sneak a couple every day and I just remember that they tasted sooooo soooo good! She also made us some chocolate chip cookies that I can't have because I'm allergic to dairy but they have been grabbed up like crazy too! I decided that I needed to take a picture of them before they were completely gone so that I could show them off!
Thanks so much Paula....I'm coming down off my sugar high from eating several of the cookies this morning!

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