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Friday, February 29, 2008

Ashley's on Spring Break SALE

I am just so glad to have a break from school this semester! Today began my spring break...and I don't have to go back until the 10th...Hooray!
So in honor of this great feeling at the beginning of spring break and the fact that spring is JUST around the corner...we are having the biggest Sanrio sale that we have ever had!
20% off of almost everything in our stock of Sanrio!
The only exclusions are the luggage, the pencils, pens and a few boxes of Brand New Summer Sanrio that we just recieved today.

But really, considering how much we have, that's still almost everything in the Sanrio section!! 20% off!
AND...all of the Keroppi stuff, as well as all of the Batz Maru stuff is 30% off!!!
We have to make room for the new stuff somehow, right?

Tell your friends...tell your family members...tell the Easter Bunny...come in and stock up on gifts this weekend...

We aren't quite sure when we're gonna end this sale...probably Tuesday or Wednesday...make sure you don't miss this sale though!

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