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Saturday, February 9, 2008

After Snow Princess

Well, it's over! The pageant was tonight and most everyone I talked to after the fact talked like they enjoyed themselves! I think the girls were really enjoying themselves too...I heard them backstage singing along to Hannah Montana and High School Musical DVDs! The pictures I have posted are from rehearsal last night...above is our President, Susan Burks and Vice President, Natalie Miller as they were getting some last minute details figured out.

Caroline Scott, pictured below, provided our entertainment for the night. This picture is from when she was rehearsing last night....her outfit tonight was great though, go over to Tonya Scott's blog; maybe in a couple of days she'll have pictures posted! She looked like an eighties pop singer in her gold jacket, poufy skirt and big gold was great! The Scott family shops at the store alot and we just love Caroline and her little brother Andrew. Tonya did a great job with those kids; they are polite, talented and just so smart!
Here are a few of the Miss Snow Princess contestants last night at rehearsal. They were waiting for their turn onstage and as boring as rehearsals usually are; don't they look like they're having a ball? The girls were hilarious though. I learned alot of things from the girls tonight...apparently, I am too old to like Hannah Montana's show or music (AM NOT! I definatley don't think so! I think she's great!), I look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast and I really really deserve a tiara (the tiara thing was my idea, but they all agreed!). They were all great and so beautiful tonight. I am very proud of each and every one of them!

Congratulations to Elena Holder, who won the title of Little Miss Snow Princess 2008 and to Madison Taylor, who was named Miss Snow Princess 2008!

1 comment:

Sheila said...

Way to go Ashley, great job on the pics. You did a great job last night and it was a great! Thank you so much for the "happy" I love the soap and the bath fizzle ball, you are a jewel!