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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Warm and cozy

We recently got in these cute cute sweaters and matching hats!
I would say "Just in time for the fair" but I don't see it getting much cooler out by next week! Soooo...just in time for winter...these sweaters will be so sweet for any outing! I love the colors!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Lovies, blankies, security blankets....whatever you call them...the kids love them!
This is our newest version of the blanket and they're already becoming a really popular baby and toddler gift! They are so so just have to come in and feel them to get it!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Scholarship opportunity

Since I'm posting about my projects and causes tonight, let me fill y'all in on a scholarship opportunity from Junior Auxiliary.

Since we are so blessed to have many friends and customers who are in professions devoted to supporting the special needs of children and youth...I figure this is a good scholarship to advertise on here:

Every year the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries, Inc. offers scholarships to those who are planning to attend school at the graduate level to work in one of those professions.

Visit the J.A. of McMinnville blog for more information and links...or go straight to the NAJA website to view the application. NAJA will be accepting applications from September 1st until February 1st.

(and even if you're a fan of the blog from another county or state, check the rules for applications might still apply to you! As long as your state has a Junior Auxiliary chapter - and you meet the other requirements - this scholarship could help you too!)

Yay for free money for school!

Miss Warren County Pageant Applications

Applications are now available at the shop for the

Miss Warren County Scholarship Pageant.

This pageant is sponsored by Queens for a Cure - the Relay for Life group that I'm involved with.

The pageant is open to all girls in high school in Warren County and all of the proceeds go to Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

Come on by and pick up an application...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Squeaky shoes!

You've all asked for here they are:
The original "Squeak Me" shoes for kids!
We're so excited to have them and they've already been going like hotcakes...squeaky hotcakes!

I will admit, I was a bit skeptical at first..."Shoes that squeak? For kids? Who wants their kids to be running around squeaking? Kids run around a lot!"

I was not exactly excited about carrying them and I even discouraged mom from ordering them for a little while...until she snuck behind my back and ordered there we were with squeaky shoes!
THEN one of our mommies came into the shop and saw the shoes...she then proceeded to go on and on about how great the shoes were, how they helped her toddler learn to walk, how she was able to keep up with her toddler all over the house (you know how toddlers will just run off with you trailing behind?), how pretty and stylish the shoes were, and finally how you can take the squeaker out!
I did not know about the 'taking the squeaker out' I was a little more interested and did a little research.

You know how babies and toddlers have a tendency to walk on their tiptoes? Well, apparently, they like the squeaking and since the squeaker is in the heel of the shoes... they go down on their heels more often while walking. This helps them to gain balance and to walk properly on their whole foot...that's better for development.

They are super cute too. We have them for girls and boys and they come in all sorts of colors and designs. Cute enough to wear on a play date...but also dressy enough to be worn to church (minus the squeaker, of course!).

Check out the ones I have pictured but then come in and see what we have on the shelves. See for yourself how much fun they really are!

Dance Bag

Check out the new dance bag that we just got in. We also have the accessories purse to go with it! Dance class season is just around the be sure to hurry in while they're still here!

Cirque Baby

These Cirque De Soleil toys have really started to catch on with the birthday gift/baby gift buying crowd. They are based on characters from the very popular Cirque De Soleil shows and the line consists of plush dolls and animals, puzzles, balls and other fun, colorful and stimulating toys that the kids (and several adults) just love. And who can blame them? They really make great gifts and you can be sure to have the most unique gift at the party!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Last First Day of School...

Today is my first day of (hopefully) the last semester of my undergraduate career. I'm not a fan of you all know. Hopefully, though, I will learn a lot and finish out this semester with a very happy graduation and a degree!

Please just keep me (and all the other first-day-ers) in your prayers today and all week. It's always a little nerve-wracking going back after a long and relaxing summer!

Thanks so much. to class!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


We got in a HUGE shipment of KidKraft a few weeks ago. Doll houses, toddler beds, step stools, wooden kitchens...the works! Just's time to start laying away for Christmas!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello Kitty shoes

Yes, you need these...

Perfect for back-to-school and in kids' sizes. Cute cute cute!

That's all I have to say!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Celeste and Kids Cayman

The Celeste has really caught on over the summer. Like I tell everyone, these have completely replaced my sneakers...these are what I wear when I plan to do a lot of walking or to be really active. They are super duper comfortable...and, though they might not be the most beautiful of all the Crocs, they kind of have a quirky cuteness about them.

I'm really excited about the new color that we got in just this week; a denim/navy combo that goes with nearly everything.

You will definitely see me in these a lot as I go back to school (for my last semester!!...knock on wood!).
I also got in a much-needed reorder of kids Caymans in the colors that everyone has been needing...chocolate, black, pink and red...and maybe a few other colors! So those of you who have been waiting patiently; hurry hurry!

All Terrain for Adults

The Islander Crocs are so popular...and even though we still have those in stock, we now have the All Terrain Crocs too.

These are pretty much the same as the Islanders but with no holes which make them perfect for fall and winter and the rainy, snowy, yucky weather that goes along with them. These are for men or women, just like the islanders.

We have them in women's size 6 (men's 4) all the way up to men's 14...a size to fit everyone. They come in black, chocolate, black/chocolate and chocolate/khaki.

School-approved Crocs

Just today we received a shipment of the All Terrain Crocs for kids.
I'm pretty certain these are approved by all schools because they do have backs on them.
These Crocs have no holes in them, making them perfect for fall, winter and rainy days. They also have Velcro straps, which make it easy to take on and off for the little ones...all with the comfortable, anti-bacterial and easy-to-clean qualities of the regular Crocs.
They are for boys and girls. The photo shows them in the chocolate color and we also have them in a khaki/cream color. I can even see these being worn to church and other dressy occasions by the boys with a pair of khakis.
These should be a great seller for fall...come and get yours while we still have a rack full of them!

Hannah Montana Crocs

For those of you who don't already know....we now have Hannah Montana Crocs! They're purple, sparkly and are in the Mary Jane style of Crocs. And, yes, I have a pair!
Lol...I've been told (by a certain little girl backstage at the Snow Princess Pageant) that I'm too old to like Hannah Montana or Miley....but I do....I think the show is really pretty funny and that Miley has a pretty voice and great comic-timing...and, yes, I think Billy Ray is cute and can still remember dancing around to Achy-Breaky Heart when I was little!
We also have two styles of Hannah Montana Jibbitz to go with the shoes.
Hurry in while supplies last...the movie release is just around the corner...and you have to be ready for that first screening!

Lunch Money...

We love these cute change cases (above) and wallets (below) that we recently got in. The kids LOVE these and they're at such great prices that you really can't resist buying them! They're so cute for boys and for girls. They make great gifts and the kids feel so "big" getting to carry their own money!

Back-to-School Sale

We have so much on sale right now to make room for our new clothes, gifts and accessories for fall and winter!

We have a lot of our baby shoes on sale for 50% off + $1.00...cute sandals, clogs, sneakers and jellies-type shoes. We have all of our Robeez shoes on sale for 50% + $1.00 too!

Make sure you come in and take advantage of our huge Crocs sale! We have a little bit of everything on our sale Croclings, flip-flops, sandals and Cars Crocs....Women's Cleo Adara and Patra sandals, flip-flops, and Alice-style maryjanes...and men's sandals and flip-flops. There's something for just about everyone. All of those are $10 off...making some of the shoes as low as $14.99!

I also have on sale the Croc-a-doodle washable paints and markers for the Crocs....50% off of those! These are great for personalizing your Crocs. With football season just around the's super convenient to go from having "Go UT" on your Crocs to "Go Pioneers" in just a few minutes!

I have almost my entire stock of Burt's Bees on sale for 50% off + $2.00....You all know how much I love my Burt's's such a great I'm excited to be giving you such great deals on all your back-to-school skin care needs! What better time to start combatting skin stress than when school is starting back and our bodies are under so much stress from that?

Some of our back-to-school and summer clothing is up to 30% off .... just ask mom for details!

I also have back packs, diaper bags and LOTS of other stuff on our "rummage" table for 50% off + $2.00. Who doesn't love a good rummage sale?

The sale will only last for a little hurry in and check it out!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Nap Time!

Just in time for asked for it and you got it...Nap Mats! We have these cute monkey nap mats that are as comfy as they are adorable! And they pack up really easily into a backpack for your little one to carry home.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Piggy Banks

We got in a new shipment of piggy banks! These are one of our most popular items for showers, for birthdays...really, for any gift giving occasion for kids! They come with a number of designs...firetrucks, trains, work trucks, tractors, sports, etc. They can be personalized with a name, a birth date or anything else you'd like....and personalization is FREE! Check out the one I did several months ago for Connor Williams' first birthday!

We have them for girls too...but those were in another shipment and are already on display! Ballet, princess, flowers, etc.

And LOOK! These are the new piggy banks that I am so excited about for the smallest of sports fans! They look like fancy sports trophies (at least they do to me, the non-sports fan) and they have four (or more) available spaces for personalization. This is one I did for the new baby in our family, Joncollin Womack.

These make excellent gifts, like I said before...and for not that big of a price. Come in soon and see them!

Monday, August 11, 2008


We have in a new shipment of the Crocs-O-Dial cell phone holders.
The picture above is of the new color combo; black and silver. These are great sellers and make really great gifts. They fit almost any phone and are really convenient to carry around!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

Every year over 120 countries all over the world celebrate World Breastfeeding Week - a celebration of breastfeeding! This week is World Breastfeeding Week in the United States and groups all over the nation are using the national recognition of this week to really spread the word about the benefits of breastfeeding and to offer encouragement and support to mommies who are considering breastfeeding.

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week we are excited to introduce a new baby line of 'breastfeeding hats' at the shop!

What is a breastfeeding hat, you ask?
A breastfeeding hat is based on a simple, fun idea.
The idea? Design a hat just for the breastfeeding baby, with a tiny little head and great big brim.
The wide brim offers a little privacy for mom, and cuts out distractions for baby.
The fun? Super soft, all natural fabrics, baby-friendly colours, and delightful illustrations for the top of the head.
The "stay on head sideways" design means that once the hat is on, it'll stay on, and no more fussing with dropping blankets or awkward, bulky 'nursing covers'. While the big brim gives mom a little privacy, it doesn't cover up the breastfeeding, it celebrates it in a fun sort of way!
MoBoleez hats are made of all-natural, super soft blend of cotton/bamboo fibres (60% cotton, 40% bamboo). They are ultra-soft, breathable, and have excellent absorption.

We're so excited to be offering these great accessories for our nursing mommies!
I think these will make the perfect shower or take-home gift for the new mommies!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last minute back-to-school

Don't weekend did not clean us out completely! We still have plenty of back-to-school stuff for you last minute shoppers out there!


I have been terrible these past couple of weeks...I've gotten all wrapped up in getting ready for my LAST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL and haven't focused as much on the blog...sorry.

So, I have a couple of special occasions to note!

First of all...on July 27th my parents celebrated their 40th anniversary! They are two of the best parents a kid could ask for. They've set such a great example of a good relationship...they believe in talking a lot and just hanging out together. So...belated as it is...Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad! I love you sooo very much and am so glad that God picked y'all for me 23 years ago!


Second...Yesterday was my Chalee's birthday! She turned 3 years old. I cannot believe how fast she has grown up! She is such a big girl now...she talks in complete sentences, makes conversations that actually make sense, remembers stuff for long periods of time...just all of these things that are soooo amazing to me that a 3-year-old knows! She's probably completely normal and average...but to me (and the rest of the family) she's pretty much a genius and the cutest kid ever! Happy happy birthday to you, Chalee! You've grown so much and you are such a BIG girl and I'm so proud of you! You will forever be my girl and are my absolute favorite kid in the world!