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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Squeaky shoes!

You've all asked for here they are:
The original "Squeak Me" shoes for kids!
We're so excited to have them and they've already been going like hotcakes...squeaky hotcakes!

I will admit, I was a bit skeptical at first..."Shoes that squeak? For kids? Who wants their kids to be running around squeaking? Kids run around a lot!"

I was not exactly excited about carrying them and I even discouraged mom from ordering them for a little while...until she snuck behind my back and ordered there we were with squeaky shoes!
THEN one of our mommies came into the shop and saw the shoes...she then proceeded to go on and on about how great the shoes were, how they helped her toddler learn to walk, how she was able to keep up with her toddler all over the house (you know how toddlers will just run off with you trailing behind?), how pretty and stylish the shoes were, and finally how you can take the squeaker out!
I did not know about the 'taking the squeaker out' I was a little more interested and did a little research.

You know how babies and toddlers have a tendency to walk on their tiptoes? Well, apparently, they like the squeaking and since the squeaker is in the heel of the shoes... they go down on their heels more often while walking. This helps them to gain balance and to walk properly on their whole foot...that's better for development.

They are super cute too. We have them for girls and boys and they come in all sorts of colors and designs. Cute enough to wear on a play date...but also dressy enough to be worn to church (minus the squeaker, of course!).

Check out the ones I have pictured but then come in and see what we have on the shelves. See for yourself how much fun they really are!

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