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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Congratulations Chance!

This is Chance, the son of Aimee and Travis Hale. Back in the early spring Chance won 1st runner up in the Little Mister Warren County Pageant and I have been meaning to post congratulations to him ever since.
He wore in the pageant a Lito suit from Ashley's of the HANDSOMEST suits we've ever had...definitely a favorite of mine at the shop!! And doesn't he look handsome in it? Aimee sent me these pictures recently...and there's no time like the present to post CONGRATULATIONS to him and Aimee!
I love all of Aimee's kids...this kid, though, is just so talkative and friendly...he's super special. He's the big brother of the family and is such a good one!
I'm so excited about this most recent accomplishment of his...we're all very proud of him here at Ashley's Attic! GO CHANCE!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Gigi's

Our kids are the cutest in town! Here is Laurel Todd modeling her new Gigi's headband. I think that these are just the cutest!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stationary with Style

I just love stationary! I love the convenience of texting and emails...but there is really nothing like a handwritten note. Each of these sets of notecards are monogrammed with an ititial and a bible verse that begins with that initial. I really think these make great gifts for nearly anyone. Taking the time to write simple 'thank you' note or an 'I'm thinking about you' note is a very special thing and I really like that we can encourage that with this special stationary.

Beautiful Beads

The very talented Miss Tabetha Sullens over at Reminisce Heirlooms made us some beautiful beaded glasses-holders to go with our new line of reading glasses...or any pair of reading or sunglasses that you might have lying around. I got mom several different glasses-holders for her Mother's Day gift and she really liked them....we're both big fans of Tabetha's work and we're really excited to carry her product at the shop!
Especially check out this red, white and blue glasses-holder...great for the coming weeks but it will also work for any day of the year!

Disney Princess Croclings

We've had these Disney Princess Croclings for a little while and they've been really popular...but now that it's summer and time for vacations, they're becoming even more popular. These make great water-shoes for the kids at the beach or pool because of the stretchy material on top...they dry quickly, too, so they should be great for going straight from the water to where ever your trip might take you!
PLUS they're on sale right now for only $29.99!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just Around the Corner

Back to school is right around the corner...I know it's no fun to think about but these bags, backpacks and other back to school accessories make it just a little bit better, huh?

Hello Baby

Y'all have been waiting for something like this...Hello Kitty now has BABY GIFTS! Sippy cups, diaper bags with matching mommy purses, receiving blankets and wash cloths make up this new line from Sanrio and it's sooo cute!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Not Just For the Mommies and Daddies...

We have a new line of new baby products for grandparents and older's not always just about the mommies and daddies, you know. For now we have photo albums (brag books), frames, and scrap book type album/journals.
There are more and more young grandmothers out there so I like that this album isn't old fashioned or a baby-ish theme that is limited to just a baby...I think this album is kind of hip and I also think that it will grow with the baby - so the grandma can use this album to show off her grandkids' pictures way past their first year.

Same goes for this picture isn't limited to a certain theme or sex...and its very neutral which is always good to go with any home decor.

This is Chalee when she visited us the other day...This is her in the middle of explaining to me that I shouldn't just be taking pictures of things...."you're suppose to take pictures of people, Ashley," she said.

Then the second she realized that I was taking HER picture...she started posing...she really is related to me, huh?
So, to make her happy, I took her picture holding one of the things that I needed a picture of. It's appropriate considering she will be a big sister very soon! She's very excited about her new baby, though it makes her just a little nervous. I keep reminding her that this new baby won't replace her for me though...she'll always be my favorite!
Here's a closeup of the book. It's like a baby book from the big sister's (and brother's) point of view.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mom's New Line

Mom fell in love with this line of reading glasses and wanted some for herself...but decided to go ahead and get them for the shop as well. There are not a whole lot of trendy and cute reading glasses out there that are also don't have to search anymore for them though...come on in and check these out!

More Crocs

The Tikali, Patra, Celeste and adult Athens are here! This will be one of the last shipments of summer-y Crocs, so hurry in while they're still here!

Happy Father's Day Continued

To some of the other guys in my life...Happy Father's Day to y'all too!
My brother, Greg Gillentine, is like my second dad. He had to deal with the idea of a brand new baby in the house when he was 16 years old and even though he tortured me quite a bit as a child...I really look up to him quite a lot. He is the guy I call with car problems, computer problems and when I need advice on where to get the best deals. He has always made sure that I do my best in school and in life in general. He doesn't exactly have any "kids" but he and his fiance are the proud parents of three cats, Simba, Baby Cat and Tiger, and 1 rat terrier named Gigi.
To Joe Wright - Seth's dad and best friend. He worked at Kroger and as a 4th grade teacher for years and nearly everybody who knows him loves him a lot. -

To Jonathan Womack- one of my FAVORITE cousins, I take after him in many ways. He is father to Chalee, my absolute FAVORITE kid and to Jon-Collin James who will be here in late July. He works his butt off to make sure that his family is taken care of...he probably spends TOO much time working - but he means well!

To Uncle Tommy - Jonathan's dad, Chalee's grandpa...he's a farmer and really cares about his farm, his family and his entire community. Ask most people in town and they know who he is...he means a lot to a lot of people.

To Daniel Womack- my cousin who I didn't re-connect with until a couple of years ago...but I'm glad that we are close now. He has three (they're small and active, sometimes it seems like eight!) beautiful little girls AND he's a rock star in a christian rock band called BrokenInside.

To my Uncle Buddy - He's super smart and really generous. He is currently dealing with 3 teenagers in the house, Amelia 16, Robert 14 and Andrew 11 (no wonder he doesn't have any hair!).

All of these guys are big parts of my life...I hope I show my appreciation of them whenever I see them...but it's never enough...Happy Father's Day guys!
And Happy Father's Day to all you other daddy's out there...I hope the day has been excellent for you all!

Happy Father's Day

He always checks my oil before I go on a trip, he makes me cherry JELLO when I'm sick and gives me the first glass of the warm JELLO juice before he puts the rest in the fridge, he gets me tenderloin and biscuits on Friday and Saturday mornings, he puts up with "smooth - stomach friendly" coffee because I can't drink the "hard" stuff anymore, he eats WHATEVER I cook for him (even the awful tequila chicken I tried several years ago when I was first learning to cook), and of course - he loves my mom, my brother and me, he takes care of my mom and me, he works to provide for us and he's just the best dad anybody could ask for! my wonderful dad! Happy Father's Day! Many will say that I get my public/social personality and my looks from my mom - but everything else is from my dad - my temper, my sense of adventure, my bladder (you don't want to go on road trips with dad and I, we don't stop until we get there), my work ethic, A LOT of my interests, habits and attitude toward things....
I have joked my whole life that my brother is my mom's favorite and I am my dad's favorite...I'm pretty sure it's a little bit's not a bad thing though, I AM a daddy's girl!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

JUST in time for Father's Day!

Well, we're ALREADY down to one pair of Off-Road Crocs...but thank goodness, we got in the Tikalis today! The guys LOVE these sandals. They go from the water to dry land with no problem, they're easy to clean, they have really strong treads on the bottom and they're super heavy-duty. This is the perfect Father's Day gift for that special guy in your life...I can almost guarantee that he'll love them! One day left to shop ladies...hurry hurry!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Cyprus are HERE!

We have already got in a reorder of the black Cyprus, which just goes to show I don't have any control over when our new shipments come in!
I could be waiting three months *ehem* adult camo Crocs* for a shipment or just a couple of weeks...I never know when they will get the urge to send me something or when their stock will resupplied!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Two of my good friends, Mia and Ella Harris, were in the shop today with their Na-na, Donna Harris, and they decided to do a bit of modeling for me. We have these really cute kids kitchen sets that include an apron, chef's hat and two oven mitts and Ella was wearing our sample one around. I decided this was a perfect time for a post about these sets and they really show off so much better out of the package, so I had Mia put one on too and let the girls show me their best poses!
And while we're on the subject of these girls: Mia hit a milestone recently. She turned 8 and, in her household, 8 is the age that you can get your ears pierced if you want to! I agree that that is the perfect age to do this...the girl can decide if she really wants her ears pierced, she's old enough to clean and take care of the piercings and it is really a good way for them to learn about responsibility. I'm very happy for Mia and I think the earrings look great! I can't help but realize that the beginner studs that she got are a whole lot fancier and prettier than the ones I had to choose from when I got my ears pierced!