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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Two of my good friends, Mia and Ella Harris, were in the shop today with their Na-na, Donna Harris, and they decided to do a bit of modeling for me. We have these really cute kids kitchen sets that include an apron, chef's hat and two oven mitts and Ella was wearing our sample one around. I decided this was a perfect time for a post about these sets and they really show off so much better out of the package, so I had Mia put one on too and let the girls show me their best poses!
And while we're on the subject of these girls: Mia hit a milestone recently. She turned 8 and, in her household, 8 is the age that you can get your ears pierced if you want to! I agree that that is the perfect age to do this...the girl can decide if she really wants her ears pierced, she's old enough to clean and take care of the piercings and it is really a good way for them to learn about responsibility. I'm very happy for Mia and I think the earrings look great! I can't help but realize that the beginner studs that she got are a whole lot fancier and prettier than the ones I had to choose from when I got my ears pierced!

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