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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Excuses and reasons

I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting as much lately! First of all, school has been crazy and it doesn't leave a lot of extra time for fun stuff or for work. I'm making that work and I'll get into a rhythm soon enough.
Second, my camera is DEAD! It's so sad. On the Friday night of the fair; one minute it was taking pictures...the next it was dead...I didn't do anything to kill just suddenly lost the will to continue living apparently. So, I'm dealing with that and trying to get it fixed somehow. But until I have a repaired or new posts might not all have pictures. I'll try though...I'll be borrowing Joe's camera when I can, so that should help. Besides that, I'll just have to ask you all to use your imaginations if my posts lack photos! I'll use really great descriptions...with lots of adjectives!
Thanks for understanding!
A couple of weeks ago we got in a new shipment of christening/dedication gowns. These are just have to see them!
We have them for boys and for girls in several different styles right now. They're also great for bonding pictures. And when the dedications, christenings and photos are over...these look so good as room decorations or in a shadowbox.

Comfy babies

You know that Ashley's Attic is the place to come to get unique baby gifts. Yeah, yeah, we have the classics...blankets, gowns, stuffed animals and baby books...but there is soooo much more in store for you when you come into the shop! When you're shopping for the hip and modern want something really super special!
Just another example...
Babies love these soft and cushion-y rugs! and really, who can blame them? I want one big enough for me! These are great for tummy time, for naps, to lay on hard floors, or just as a really cute wall hanging or decoration in baby's room. We have monkeys, giraffes, pink and blue bears and lambs. These are the best shower gifts...we've gotten so many rave reviews from new mommies!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Fair!

I didn't get to do a fair post last here we go!

What true Warren Countian doesn't love the fair? I love this town and so, of course, I love the fair! It's like Warren County-concentrate...all of the people, businesses, community organizations, musicians...all of our eccentricities all packed into one fun, busy, junk food and whiplash-filled week!

Seth and I made a point of being there almost every night...we tried our best to eat there for every meal that we could...we even had some engagement pics taken while we were there one night (thanks Charlie!). Yup, we're fans of the fair!

The Food...

The Games...

The rides...

and the exotic animals...

and not-so-exotic animals...

The people...there were lots of familiar faces in the crowd!

Myca Jade
Morgan and (a very good-natured) grandpa!
Mr. ZipAndrew Matthew
and, of course, my Chalee...looking very much like Bindi Irwin to me in this picture for some reason...LOL!

The competitions...

In the photography exhibit, two of our kids were featured in pictures. Here are pictures of the pictures of Cora and Chalee. Cora is even wearing an outfit that she got at the shop...I love this "cowgirl" top with matching hot pink skirt!

The pageants...

Congratulations to Little Fairest of the Fair Grace Rains and Fairest of the Fair Victoria Woods for winning their titles!

We had a bunch of outfits in the baby show. All of the kids in the baby show were cute, but we think our kids are the cutest! Maybe we're biased though?

Congratulations to all of the division winners at the baby show and to Eden and Jamison for winning the overall, sweepstakes awards in the baby show!

We had a great week...I hope everyone else did too! I can't wait till next year!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Children's Advocacy Center Banquet

At Ashley's Attic, you know we love the kids! We believe that no child should have to hurt unnecessarily and should be supported, cared for and cherished....for that reason, I'd like to let you all know about a fundraiser for our community's Children's Advocacy Center.

The Angels' Autumn Fest is a formal event that the C.A.C. will be hosting in October.

There will be a really nice dinner, a silent auction and will feature Tennessee's First Lady, Andrea Conte, as the keynote speaker for the evening. Andrea (pictured above during another children's advocacy event) is a big supporter of Children's Advocacy Centers in the state of Tennessee and has made it her goal to make sure that the centers are supported and well-publicized.

Like I said before, this will be a formal event...ladies, it's a great excuse to get all dressed up and go out for a nice dinner event with your friends or your guy!

Junior Auxiliary will be there helping to serve the meal and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone there. It looks to be a really special event.

I hope the C.A.C raises lots of funds for their cause! This is a great opportunity for our community to come together to help a really worthy cause.

You can learn more about the event or reserve your tickets by contacting the Children's Advocacy Center at 507-2386.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Groovy Girls...Hey Renee!

Calling all Groovy Girl fans! They've been around for 10 years and they're still going strong!
Here are the new Groovy Girls for this season. They are so cute and sparkly and perfect for the upcoming holidays!

Just ask Miss Gracie here who was helping me to show them off...she loves her Groovy Girls! I think she liked the mermaid best of this bunch...but I'm sure the rest are on her list too!
Thanks Gracie for the assistance!
(P.S. HEY RENEE...what do you think? Better yet...what does Kennedy think? LOL)

More Squeak Me Shoes

We got in another shipment of the Squeak Me Shoes! We can't keep these shoes in stock...they're just so popular...parents (and kids!) just love them! We have them available for boys and in even more colors for fall! Check out this post to read more about these great shoes!

These new outfits ROCK!

If you haven't already, you just have to come and see the new fall fashions that we have at the shop! We are so excited to be able to carry the sort of stuff that moms and daughters can agree on for a change! They are way cool-looking (at least I think so!) and stylish but they are still decent and modest so that they are parent-approved!

Friday, September 12, 2008

So pretty

I just love smocking! So pretty and so intricate...I wish I had that skill/patience!
This is just one of the beautiful dresses we have at the shop for your baby girl...from newborn to 4T...some even have dolls with matching dresses. And with all the pageants coming is the time to come see what we have in store!