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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Change is STRANGE

I love finding unique gift items for kids that nobody else has! I also love companies that understand that and try to create just that sort of stuff!

So, I found this line of books at Market and just fell in love!

The line is called Change is Strange and all the books focus on dealing with big changes happening in the lives of little ones.

With titles like "No More Pacifier", "Mommy and Daddy are Going on a Trip", "My First Day of School", "We're Having a Baby" and "We're Moving"...they cover almost every 'rite of passage' that a little one has to go through!

The books have bright colors and really vivid illustrations...I just know the kids will love them!

The company also makes 'survival kits' with the same titles. They contain the book along with some other "coping supplies".

I think these will make great gifts for the kids.
I really wish that I had known about these books when my Chalee had to give up her pacifier (she called it her tootoo)...I'm pretty sure the emotional scarring was deep. You read about it in this post...they told her that the dog had eaten it but I'm pretty sure she was convinced that Jordin Tootoo from the Predators had a little something to do with it! I could have read her the book and calmed her nerves maybe!

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