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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hello Rose!

As you all know, we're big Preds fans at Ashley's Attic (lol...really?) and many of you know that we have Nashville Predators Crocs at the shop.

We were one of the first stores in all of Middle Tennessee to get these shoes because the shoes were introduced early last summer (right around the time of our ownership issues) and a lot of stores were scared to make that kind of investment on a team that might not be here next season.

I made that investment because I had faith that we would keep the team...Tennessee loves its Preds...and also because I figured that even if we just had one season left with them I wanted to make the best of it. were very nice and helped make that investment worth it; because the shoes were so hard to find anywhere in the state, people from all over the state were ordering Preds Crocs from our shop! Knoxville, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga....A LOT of McMinnville Pred Fans came in...and of course we shipped several pair to Nashville.

One of those shipments found its way to Patty Pred, one of the team's most devoted fans and she loved them.

So I get a call from Patty a few weeks back and she tells me that Rose Tootoo wants several pair of the Preds Crocs...from me! Rose Tootoo, as in, Jordin Tootoo's MOM! HOW COOL IS THAT? TOOTOO'S MOM SHOPS AT ASHLEY'S ATTIC...all the way from RANKIN INLET!

And she is going to tell all of her friends about the shoes and hype up the website IN CANADA!! We're goin' international people!

(In the next week or so I will be posting a little box on the sidebar of the site to give the Preds Fans a little more info on the Predator Crocs and Jibbitz...also some shipping information for anyone wishing to order a pair...keep checking back.)

For all things Jordin Tootoo click here, just in case you don't know all about him already!

We all love Jordin at Ashley's Attic...even before his mom became a customer!

He's Chalee's favorite hockey player ever, you know...for those of you that I haven't told the story to (I even got the chance to tell Rose Tootoo an abbreviated version of the story!) :

Chalee loved her pacifier; she called it her "tootoo" (and this had nothing to do with Jordin...she didn't know the Preds just yet).
So, at her first hockey game (she was about 1 and a half years old) we took her down to the glass to watch the pre-game skate. I had bought her a "Tootoo" shirt because I figured it would be the easiest name for her to say and because the kids always love Jordin. I then pointed him out to her on the ice and she immediately locked in on him with her eyes, looked a little angry and confused, and would not take her eyes off of him. He even came up to the glass at one point to smile at her and she just looked at him., her mom informed me a little later that they had taken her "tootoo" away from her earlier in the week...she thought it was time.

Well, apparently Chalee did not agree and I know now that she must have thought that the "Tootoo" guy that I was talking about and pointing at must have taken her "tootoo" and THAT was why she looked so angry when she looked at him.

Chalee has gotten over that anger now. She now thinks of Tootoo with happy thoughts...she likes to see him fight and she likes Seth's 'Tootoo-Train Whistle' She has learned Shea Weber's name too and associates hockey and the Predator logo with "Weber and Tootoo". She calls her Tootoo shirt "The Hockey", as in; my mom: "You need to change back into your other clothes Chalee.", Chalee: "But I got the hockey on."!

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