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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"I Winned, I Winned Ashley!"

That's what Chalee exclaimed to me after she accepted her trophy at the Dibrell School Spring Pageant! She won overall in her division of the pageant!

Ok, so she was the only little girl in her division...but I like to think that when everyone heard that Chalee was going to be in the pageant, they just didn't show up because they knew that she was going to win!

She was wearing a cute pink sleeveless dress by Will Beth and we have dresses very much like this one for those of you who need a simple but elegant dress for the spring.

and just a couple more she is in her new Hello Kitty sunglasses that we gave her for being in the pageant. I think they compliment the dress great; don't you think?

Chalee and her "Aunt Henen"

And the dandelions are "fairies" to her...

Chalee and her proud daddy, Johnathan Womack.

Chalee can't figure out how to curtsy...but this is her attempting it!

1 comment:

Sheila said...

Ash, she is beautiful! I love the dress, and she looks like a little princess in it (The trophy isn't too bad either!) lol
Hey do you guys have Cleo in size 8? I need to stop by and get some, I have been just running like mad lately! Let me know!