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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Arts & Crafts Fair

Finally it's here! The Spring Arts and Crafts Fair at Bobby Ray Elementary is this Saturday from 10 until 4. The fair was rescheduled from last month when we had that big now we have much Spring-y-er weather for the 'Spring' Craft Fair!

I will be there painting faces...and letting everyone know that I paint faces for birthday parties, pep rallies, holiday parties, fundraisers, etc., etc., etc....pretty much any event that you can think of!
I've been doing it since I was 12 or so and several of you already know that I face paint for parties . Many of you have hired me to do parties for you...but I'm ready to really get out there now and start scheduling more events. Spread the word...I'm a poor college student, after all (I do donate my time for worthy causes though...if I'm available, I love helping out with your fundraiser!)!

I've posted some of my work here...this is only a very small selection though...I can paint almost anything as long as I have a little prep time! Enjoy! The following pictures are from this past Saturday night when I face painted for Covenant Academy's Spring Fling to raise money for the school.

Caroline told me to suprise her...I think she liked it...
My Andrew asked me to do 'a tornado with some cars and a cow flying around in it' order is too unusual! And this I think has become one of my favorites!
This was the first time I have painted a mermaid...I forgot to paint her a belly button though...oh well!
And here is a much less elaborate version of the Superman that I did on Seth's face last June at Relay for Life...I had hours to do Seth's though and only a couple of minutes for this one!
Make sure to mark your calendars for Saturday and come on out to the Arts & Crafts Fair! Bring your kids and!
It should be a fun day with lots of fun crafts to look at and buy!
The fair will take place in the gym at Bobby Ray Elementary! I can't wait to see you there!

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