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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling...Our Shoes!

Do your Crocs look like this?Do you have a pile of worn-out Crocs underneath your bed, in your closet, in the mud room?
You all know that just like a performance tire, when the treads on your Crocs become worn, their slip-resistant nature will be compromised. That's when you know it's time to treat your feet to a new pair and now you don't have to worry about those worn-out pairs just laying around, going to waste.
You know that we are very into helping out with whatever good cause that we can...and we are trying to do our part to be 'green', for those of you who haven't heard...We are now McMinnville's official drop-off point for recycled Crocs. Their SolesUnited program aims to collect all of those worn-out and yucky Crocs that you have laying around and to recycle them into brand new Crocs.
In addition to recycling the Crocs, for each pair of the recycled shoes that they sell they will donate a new pair of Crocs to someone in need (they have several groups around the world that they partner with to make this happen on a BIG scale).
All you need to do to help this cause is bring in your worn-out Crocs to the shop and we'll put them in our big SolesUnited bag...when the bag is filled we get to send it back to the Crocs Company and request another bag to fill. I've already got the bag half-way filled up ... and I have a whole school in Murfreesboro that is planning to collect worn-out Crocs as a service project and then send them back to the company through us!
I love that this program is giving us Crocs-wearers a chance to do our part and not feel bad about either throwing the shoes away or keeping them in the bottom of the closet forever...

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