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Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Taggies Testimony...

Laurel Todd is going to turn 3 this weekend and so is her Taggie.
One of our mommies, Paige, was in the shop last week along with Laurel and her Taggie so that Laurel could register her "Birthday Wish List". Paige and I got to talking about just how much that kid loves her Taggie. Paige says that Laurel got the Taggie when she was born and pretty much hasn't put it down since.
Paige likes to tell the story of one particular time when she washed the Taggie while Laurel was awake and aware of not having it with her....she says that from the way Laurel was screaming and crying and carrying on, you would have thought that she was being beaten! Now I think washing occurs when Laurel is asleep or otherwise occupied!
They've even tried to get a duplicate for when the Taggie started showing some wear or at the very least for when the original was in the wash...but no dice....Laurel told them "That is NOT my blankie!"

Notice in the photo below just how very "loved" this Taggie is!
The Taggie to the left is a brand new one just out of the package...despite a little wear, I think Laurel's Taggie has held up pretty well...considering it's been through three years of hard "loving"!
These are some tough blankies and are perfect for your child who might need a security blanket. You know a baby always goes straight for the tags on toys, blankets, clothing, etc. I guess it's something about the satin-y feel of them or maybe that they are the perfect size for little fingers to hold onto; either always seem to be attracted to those tags and the Taggies company just decided to take that idea and turn it into a unique gift item!

Taggies products are some of our very best sellers and we try to always keep them in stock. The Taggies company doesn't just stop with blankies though; they have toys, balls, pillows and a whole lot more. These products make a really great baby gift, first birthday gift or whatever kind of kid gift that you have in mind!

As I'm sure Laurel would agree, Taggies are GREAT! Come in and check them out!

Happy Birthday to Halle!

Our little Halle had her 4th Birthday today! We hope the party went really well and that she got all the presents that she wanted!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Downtown Fire...

I just thought I'd share this picture of last night's fire downtown.

Seth was the first Standard employee on the scene last night at downtown's fire because he just so happened to be on the way home from my house around 12:30 this morning. This was one of the pictures he took with his cell phone of the fire before the Charlie and James could get there with real cameras. The buildings that were destroyed were two of our most historical (and oldest) buildings; Locke's and King's.

This morning as we were driving to work they had a wrecking ball tearing down what was left of the buildings. It's very sad that we lost a little of our history but we can be thankful that no one was injured and that the people living in the area were safe.

Keep the folks who lost property in this fire in your prayers this week please.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Women's History Month Tribute...

Early this month I posted an idea for a contest order to celebrate Women's History Month I invited everyone to post comments "nominating" women that they really admired.

Since every main-stream news station, website, newspaper and magazine had taken care of honoring the famous women in history...I decided to make this post about local women who we all know...women that have affected us on a personal level.

I had planned to do a drawing of the people who posted...but I only had two entries so I have decided that BOTH OF THEM WIN! They both chose to post women that they knew well and both nominations were very, CONGRATULATIONS ladies!

Here are the women who we admire. Go to THIS POST to read all that was said about them. This post is in their honor! Happy Women's History Month...take a moment to thank those women in your life who have made it easier for you, the women who you admire, the women who you look to as role models....not just in March but every chance you get!

Helen Gillentine mom, entrepreneur
Peggy Bratcher volunteer
Pat Bigbee .... community volunteer
Audrey Sircey....friend, adventurer, pioneer of women's rights here in McMinnville (lol)
All four nominated by me

Julia Carter... teacher, volunteer, advocate
Nominated by Danielle Sliger

Michelle Prater...busy mother, advocate
Nominated by Cynthia Hale

Danielle, I've got you taken care of...just stop by the shop some time and pick up your gift certificate!

Cynthia, send me an email and let me know if you're close enough to come and see us here at the shop...if not, we'll figure something out!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thank you...

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Queens for a Cure, Relay for Life and The American Cancer Society at our "Breakfast With the Bunny"!

We had a lot of fun!

Here is just one of the faces that I painted at the event. I think Salem is great! Paula, you have a great kid! He was very understanding and patient when at first I painted "Vaderbilt" on his cheek...we fixed it though! Go Vandy!

My New Boyfriend...

Jimmy Fallon at a Nashville Predators game! I found him at the pro shop...he loves me now I'm pretty sure.

Friday, March 21, 2008


The new Patras are here!

Forget Something?

A bracelet, socks, hairbows ....etc. etc. etc.

Don't forget that it will probably be a little chilly outside...we have a few sweaters still left.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Easter Basket Goodies...

It's not too late to get your Easter Basket stuffers...
Here are just a few ideas...but we have so much more for you to see at the shop....

Hurry hurry...Only two days left!
We will be open Friday from 10 am until 5:30
& Saturday from 10 am for as long as we need to be...

Flip Hop Bunny Slippers from Runaway Rabbit...I really think that this is the quintessential Easter gift!
Necklines are always great...and we have four new styles too

Reusable sticker sets...Pirates, Horses, Calico Critters, Knights and Dragons, as well as several other themes...

Stationary sets in a secret lock Calico Critters, Groovy Girls and Horse themes...

Candy Candy Candy...we got in a lot of new candy from Sanrio for boys and girls...
These really cute Hello Kitty tote bags that we just got in. I love them...they are the perfect size and only $9.95!
Eyeglasses/Sunglasses case in Hello Kitty's newest theme...
A purse well as a couple of other things in this theme....

The new Hello Kitty Mermaid beach-y tote...We will be getting in towels to match these any day now!
We can sneak around a little if we need to...we understand how it is to shop for the kids while the kids are with you! Lol...

Pajama Pants too...

the patterns up close...

Hello Kitty T-Shirts are Here!

Sizes Small, Medium, Large and XLarge...Get them while they're still here!
The Easter Bunny will definitely be stopping by to pick some of these up!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Relationship Problems?, not really. Seth, Duane Sherrill and his son Jack took a trip on Sunday to see the WWE Wrestle Mania Fan Axcess Tour when it made a stop in Nashville at Opry Mills Mall.

They had a really nice set up there with all sorts of games, memorabilia exhibits, contests and freebies to give out.

We got fake tattoos (see Duane and Jack above) and got to see a couple of WWE personalities. Seth and Duane both got to go on the stage and participate in different contests (neither of them won though) and we got to meet Hillbilly Jim (with Seth, below), who I didn't really know but was apparently one of Seth's favorites when he was little. And of course, Seth and I got to take a really fun picture (top of the post) in a mini wrestling ring set with a prop belt.
Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of wrestling...I think it's kind of gross to watch. I will admit, though, that the two events that I have gone to with the boys have been a lot of fun...I'm glad that they like bringing me along!

Last Minute Easter Shopping

I know, I know...everyone has finally realized that Easter is HERE! This coming Sunday is the day and have you picked up something for your little one?

Don't forget that we have lots of cute outfits, both dressy and casual, for your little girl or little boy to wear for the rest of this week (and after too, of course)...and the accessories to go with them!

Wouldn't your little girl be the most adorable one at the egg hunt in this cute and casual Easter top? It can come with or without the bow on the front and we have hairbows to match it exactly....

And the purses to match too...This sweet dress has a doll with her own matching dress...and there are several other styles of dresses with the matching doll...we also have dolls with blonde and red hair to even further match your little girl.
And more Easter much better than a basket. Don't you think?

Knee socks for the boys....and dress shoes...aren't boys so easy? That's all for them really...
Lacy socks and hair bows for the girls.....dress shoes....bracelets and necklaces...
We have it all - for now...hurry in before we get hit by the REALLY last minute folks and have nothing left! Lol!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


My buddy Scott Cantrell (many of you know him as Great Scott, the magician) became an uncle for the first time last week! I had a bib embroidered so that little Ariel can let everyone know who her favorite uncle is!
This is a great idea for those of you searching for a unique gift for an uncle, aunt, cousin or grandparent with an out-of-the-ordinary nickname. Embroidering the name on a mostly blank bib, onesie, diaper bag, burp or whatever you can think of; creates a special and inexpensive gift for a very special person.

New Crocs!

The Adara is here. This is Crocs' newest sandal and they come in two color combos shown above.

We also, FINALLY, got in the kids' 'real tree' camo Crocs! For those of you who have been waiting patiently for them to be shipped to us; hurry in or give us a call to hold them! They're already going fast!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Basket Goodies...

Just an idea...Croc-a-doodles are great for the Easter baskets this year.
You can draw on any of the regular Crocs with these markers and paint...and as long as you just draw on the Cros-lite material, it will wash off, no problem, with soap and water as soon as you're ready to have a plain shoe again or to draw something else on it!


More Easter Baskets...

Here are just a few of the baskets that we have in stock to make your Easter shopping just a little easier...

Choo Choo Train....

Hello Kitty...
The Classic Basket...
and much much more...come on in and see them all!And Here:
One of our mommies, Crystal Wray told me that her little girl Marley likes to unwrap (tear apart the wrapping paper on) presents; so for her Easter basket I decided to wrap up all of the little gifts that are going to go into it. They look like Easter eggs in these bright Springy they will look perfect in her basket when we get through with it. Marley should have a whole lot of fun with all of the unwrapping she'll have to do on Easter!

Easter Baskets...

I know that it doesn't seem like it should ALREADY be time for Easter...but it is, it really is. Don't worry though. We can take care of all of your Easter basket needs up until the Saturday before Easter. We have the baskets, the easter basket grass and we definitely have the stuff to fill the basket!

Here is a basket that I did last week...I think this one was for a baby shower I think but it would definately be perfect for an Easter basket too!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Breakfast with the Bunny

Queens for a Cure


The 1st Annual

"Breakfast with Bunny"

Saturday March 22, 2008

8am - 10am

at Gondola Restaurant in the Plaza Shopping Center

Enjoy a pancake breakfast
and have your picture made with the Easter Bunny!

Tickets are now on sale for $7.00 each
and can be purchased at Kathy's Bridal or any of your local "Queens for a Cure"


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm it!

Danielle Sliger tagged me with this Meme challenge.

Here are the rules:

1. Write your own six word memoir

2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like

3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible, so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.

4. Tag five more blogs with links

5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

Here is mine: Don't Get Jaded, Always Find Joy

Now the hard part: Tag you are it!!!
Paula, Leanne, Susan, Julie, and Tonya

For the future Rachel Rays and Emerils out there...

Earlier this season Mom picked up this adorable line of kid friendly kitchen sets and they have been gathering little (and big) fans ever since. Some of the sets have themes like "Make Your Own Pizza" "Make Your Own Fairy Princess Cupcakes" and "Make Your Own Lemonade Stand"...just to name a few.
We also have, from the same company, aprons for the guys and the girls as well as a set of kid sized kitchen utensils (see above photo) that can really be used in real cooking situations - Oh trust me, I checked them out...those measuring cups are even better than the ones in my kitchen! All of the sets are so so cute and I can just see these showing up in lucky kids' Easter baskets all over town! How can the Easter Bunny resist these cute, educational and fun-for-the-whole-family kitchen sets. Kids are always wanting to help out in the kitchen; why not give them some stuff in there of their very own?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Seth!

A little over an hour ago my boyfriend Seth Wright turned 34!

I already told him happy birthday in person when the clock switched to midnight...but I want to put it in writing too...I sound so much better in writing after all!

Those of you that know him know just how great he sweet and good he is....and how loyal he is (he's a Vandy fan! That's loyalty!). I could not ask for a better boyfriend.

This week it has seemed to hit me a little harder just how special he is to me and I hope I show it enough...I'm not really good at the mushy romantic stuff but I'm pretty crazy about him. He really is entirely too good for me, I sometimes think....but I'm very thankful that he thinks that I am!

ANYWAY... I love you Seth! I hope that your birthday today is wonderful and I hope that I find a present for you before the day is up (he's very hard to shop for, people!)! You are the sweetest and nicest, most talented
and very handsome,
odd (in a good way), funny, and thoughtful (most of the time!) guy that I know! I love that we fit together so well and that you appreciate me and really let me be the real me and I thank God for you every day.

Everyone make sure to tell him "Happy Birthday" if you see him out or talk to him today....go ahead, call the Standard or look for him at lunch with the boys at J's...

I think lots of happy birthdays are in order today...34 only comes along once in a guy's life....don't you really start falling apart at 35? Heehee...I'm just being silly...he carries his age very well don't you think?