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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yet another reason we love Paula Deen...

You know about me and my causes...well, I can really appreciate when someone else really really cares about one of the causes out there.

I saw on TV tonight a piece about Paula Deen being a spokesperson and big supporter of America's Second Harvest Food Bank where she was getting really riled up about our country's biiig hunger problem. As the richest nation in the world, it is very sad that we have such a problem; millions of people in the United States go hungry every day...

Most important to us Warren County folks, though, should be those in our own community. When last I heard, we have our own Emergency Food Bank here in town. I'm sure we would all be suprised to find out just how many people right here in Warren County don't get enough food to eat. Here is the link to the Southern Standard site with the most recent information I could find on the Warren County Emergency Food Bank.

There are other groups and projects in this community dedicated to making sure that the folks of Warren County don't have to go hungry. I'm sure you can check with your church or your child's school...your closest boy or girl scout troops maybe see if they have any programs to that affect going on.
So, there's all the information you could ask for! Get out there and help! I know you have a few cans of soup, beans, or beets in your pantry that you aren't going to eat any time soon...why not donate it? Do it because Paula says so! And on that note...follow Paula Deen's example...get mad about the problems you see out there in the community and the world...find a cause that you care about...and then do what you can to support that cause!
Whew! Now I'll get off my! Thanks for reading!

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