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Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Seth!

A little over an hour ago my boyfriend Seth Wright turned 34!

I already told him happy birthday in person when the clock switched to midnight...but I want to put it in writing too...I sound so much better in writing after all!

Those of you that know him know just how great he sweet and good he is....and how loyal he is (he's a Vandy fan! That's loyalty!). I could not ask for a better boyfriend.

This week it has seemed to hit me a little harder just how special he is to me and I hope I show it enough...I'm not really good at the mushy romantic stuff but I'm pretty crazy about him. He really is entirely too good for me, I sometimes think....but I'm very thankful that he thinks that I am!

ANYWAY... I love you Seth! I hope that your birthday today is wonderful and I hope that I find a present for you before the day is up (he's very hard to shop for, people!)! You are the sweetest and nicest, most talented
and very handsome,
odd (in a good way), funny, and thoughtful (most of the time!) guy that I know! I love that we fit together so well and that you appreciate me and really let me be the real me and I thank God for you every day.

Everyone make sure to tell him "Happy Birthday" if you see him out or talk to him today....go ahead, call the Standard or look for him at lunch with the boys at J's...

I think lots of happy birthdays are in order today...34 only comes along once in a guy's life....don't you really start falling apart at 35? Heehee...I'm just being silly...he carries his age very well don't you think?


Sheila said...

Happy Birthday Seth! Sorry it's late, just found out! Ashley this post was so sweet and I am sure Seth thinks he is the lucky one...Have a great day!

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday Seth! And Ashley, I will be 35 in 3 weeks...I AM NOT FALLING APART!!!lol

Ashley's Attic said...

Heehee...maybe it doesn't happen until AFTER Just kidding Tonya!