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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

While I'm on the subject, though...

Speaking of causes; you've heard me talk about our line of Karito Kids dolls before in this blog....

Well, they seem to be picking up steam and really gaining popularity. Several of the dolls and their accessories have already sold a couple of times over (we already had to do a reorder!) and even more customers have expressed interest in the dolls and the book series for upcoming birthdays and other holidays! Come in and see what all the hype is about!
Below is a photo I took of just a few of the dolls that we have.

I really like this company and I love the ideals that they represent. The dolls and their accompanying books are just a gateway to the whole Karito Kids world...with each doll comes a passport that allows your child to get on the Kidsgive website with a code in order to play games, earn points, and shop for online goodies (a-la Webkins); but on top of that, they get to learn about the countries that the different dolls are from and actually find out about charities in those countries designed to help the children and families of that particular nation.
AND THEN, for every point your child earns with their passport code, the company will donate money to one of those charities...after so many points, the child actually gets to make the decision which charity their "points" go to! I love that this company is encouraging kids to take responsibility for what is going on in the world! I love that they encourage the ideas that EVERYONE, even kids, even just one little girl, can make a difference in the world!

Below is the box-set of all the dolls' books.

Go check out their website over in my links to learn more about the dolls or come on in to the store and let mom and I tell you about them in person.

They are about to release a new doll as well, so I'll definitely be keeping you posted about that!

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