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Monday, March 10, 2008

Healing Hearts

In the past year Junior Auxiliary has begun helping out the organization Healing Hearts of Tennessee. Healing Hearts is a service organization that has a headquarters in McMinnville. They provide counseling and other forms of therapy to individuals as well as entire families in order to help them get through major traumas and other life-altering changes. You can read more about them here on their website. They are a group of people who really really care about what they're doing and the services that they provide to our community.
We at J.A. have been trying to help them out in small ways; some of our ladies and their husbands have taken training sessions to become mentors for the children that come through Healing Hearts' doors, some have offered up other services to help out, and the club as a whole has been raising money with some of our finance projects' money going directly towards Healing Hearts. While we are trying to do our parts and I'm sure that many other individuals and groups have been helping out in their own ways, it has become apparent that the organization needs much much more help. Our Junior Auxiliary president, Susan Burks, brought to the rest our attention in an email today; an article in Sunday's Southern Standard about Healing Hearts' funding problems.
I just thought I would do a quick post to let those of you who might not read the Standard know about this...maybe you can help or know someone who can help...I'm sure they'll accept any form of service that you have to offer.

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