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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month.
To celebrate, a lot of TV stations, radio stations and websites are listing women who have made history, nationally and internationally. These are famous women like Amelia Erhart, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Florence Nightingale, Eleanor Roosevelt (one of my favorite historical figures), Oprah...who have made big impacts in history and literally changed the world.
So while we should celebrate those ladies for making it just a little easier for us all today....
I think we should start a list of women that WE celebrate. Women who have made a difference and who have impacted us and our community, on a more personal and local any way. I want to see women that the big national lists missed. I want to see Tennessee women and McMinnville women on this list. Post in the comments women that you think deserve recognition and the reason that you think this. If you are a visitor from another county or state, please feel free to post your female heroes too!
They can be anywhere in the country, famous or just your next door neighbor.
They can have made huge changes in our society, accomplished huge goals or maybe made a quieter impact in your community.
They can be alive or dead, old or young....
there are no rules to this except that they must be women who have made an impact on YOU personally...

Nominate as many women as you like, give a reason for your nomination, and I will put you in a drawing for a gift certificate from our Shop for every name (If you are posting from somewhere other than McMinnville and surrounding counties...and are not able to get to McMinnville...I will think of something comparable to a gift certificate to send to you!). Remember that we aren't a just a kids store anymore...we have plenty of stuff for YOU or for anyone in your family that you'd like to spend the gift certificate on!

Post a link to this post on your own blog or other website and let me know about it and I will add your name to the drawing AGAIN!
At the end of the month (Let's say March 28th), I will post a big list with all of these women's names in honor of them and Women's History well as the winner of the drawing.

Here are my contributions to the list, though. These are some of my local heroes because of their drive and love of service to others!

Helen Gillentine of McMinnville - my mom has to be on this list. Almost 21 years ago she opened up Ashley's Attic with a bunch of clothing that I had outgrown. She did it all herself and is one of the most well-known business women in our community and the shop itself is one of McMinnville's most established businesses! (Sorry...had to put a plug for the shop in here somewhere!)
Peggy Bratcher of McMinnville - 1st Junior Auxiliary of McMinnville know me and my JA heroes!
Pat Bigbee of McMinnville - a huge volunteer in our community in countless organizations and has been very instrumental in making our Magness Library what it is today.
Audrey Sircy of McMinnville - one of my good friends. She is in her late 80's and still drives herself everywhere, likes a good adventure and does everything that she wants to do! She has a better social life than I do (I'm 22, remember!) and she just really enjoys life. She was the first working woman on Main Street to ever wear pants to work, among other local firsts, I'm sure! She is an advocate for living your life and doing all that you can as long as you can...and she makes it her mission to encourage others to live this way. She also serves as a walking example of her Christian faith by loving and giving every chance she gets!

Thanks so much some love and get your nominations in!


Danielle said...


What a great idea! I would have to nominate Julia Carter. She is my neighbor at school and has taught for over 30 years. She is genuine and caring. She loves the students and puts their needs first. Her former students still love her and say she is their favorite teacher. She is someone you can talk to in confidence and always listens without judging. She also served as the NAMI president for many years. She wanted to educate people about mental illness. I feel extremely blessed just knowing her. I will miss her a lot when she retires at the end of this year.


Cynthia said...

Ashley I want to nominate Michelle Prater. It is not as much her work in the community as her work at home. She has 2 autistic boys and a baby. They have more meetings, classes, therapy and doctors appts. than any family I know. She just takes it all in stride and moves on to the next thing. It is amazing to me!

She makes me tired and I have TWICE as many kids as she does!