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Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Taggies Testimony...

Laurel Todd is going to turn 3 this weekend and so is her Taggie.
One of our mommies, Paige, was in the shop last week along with Laurel and her Taggie so that Laurel could register her "Birthday Wish List". Paige and I got to talking about just how much that kid loves her Taggie. Paige says that Laurel got the Taggie when she was born and pretty much hasn't put it down since.
Paige likes to tell the story of one particular time when she washed the Taggie while Laurel was awake and aware of not having it with her....she says that from the way Laurel was screaming and crying and carrying on, you would have thought that she was being beaten! Now I think washing occurs when Laurel is asleep or otherwise occupied!
They've even tried to get a duplicate for when the Taggie started showing some wear or at the very least for when the original was in the wash...but no dice....Laurel told them "That is NOT my blankie!"

Notice in the photo below just how very "loved" this Taggie is!
The Taggie to the left is a brand new one just out of the package...despite a little wear, I think Laurel's Taggie has held up pretty well...considering it's been through three years of hard "loving"!
These are some tough blankies and are perfect for your child who might need a security blanket. You know a baby always goes straight for the tags on toys, blankets, clothing, etc. I guess it's something about the satin-y feel of them or maybe that they are the perfect size for little fingers to hold onto; either always seem to be attracted to those tags and the Taggies company just decided to take that idea and turn it into a unique gift item!

Taggies products are some of our very best sellers and we try to always keep them in stock. The Taggies company doesn't just stop with blankies though; they have toys, balls, pillows and a whole lot more. These products make a really great baby gift, first birthday gift or whatever kind of kid gift that you have in mind!

As I'm sure Laurel would agree, Taggies are GREAT! Come in and check them out!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Kennedy LOVED her taggies when she was younger! She still uses it now, but it's become a blanket for her Groovy Girls! haha

Paige Todd said...

i remember dathan and i coming in the store and buying that little blanket! she lets me wash it now. but i have to let her put it in the washer herself and the whole time its in there she is right behind me asking, "is blankie done yet!?" oh... and blankie never makes it to the drier! :)