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Friday, September 12, 2008

In Remembrance

Yes, I know it's already September 12...but I'm just now getting around to blogging and I couldn't just skip saying a little something in remembrance of September 11 and the people who lost their lives that day.

It's one of those days that we'll always remember...this has become this generation's Pearl Harbor or Kennedy assassination...we'll always remember where we were when we got the news. This morning I was listening to all of the songs the radio stations were playing to honor the day and couldn't help but shed a few doesn't seem like it was 7 years ago...the feelings are still there and still the same and it only takes a song or a picture to bring them right up to the surface. So my prayer today, and every day, is for our nation and all of the people in it (the ones I know and the ones I don't know) that I love so much.

And thanks so much to all of the service men and women who are out there protecting us everyday. There are no words to express the gratitude my family has for those I hope that a simple "thank you" suffices!

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