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Monday, June 16, 2008

Not Just For the Mommies and Daddies...

We have a new line of new baby products for grandparents and older's not always just about the mommies and daddies, you know. For now we have photo albums (brag books), frames, and scrap book type album/journals.
There are more and more young grandmothers out there so I like that this album isn't old fashioned or a baby-ish theme that is limited to just a baby...I think this album is kind of hip and I also think that it will grow with the baby - so the grandma can use this album to show off her grandkids' pictures way past their first year.

Same goes for this picture isn't limited to a certain theme or sex...and its very neutral which is always good to go with any home decor.

This is Chalee when she visited us the other day...This is her in the middle of explaining to me that I shouldn't just be taking pictures of things...."you're suppose to take pictures of people, Ashley," she said.

Then the second she realized that I was taking HER picture...she started posing...she really is related to me, huh?
So, to make her happy, I took her picture holding one of the things that I needed a picture of. It's appropriate considering she will be a big sister very soon! She's very excited about her new baby, though it makes her just a little nervous. I keep reminding her that this new baby won't replace her for me though...she'll always be my favorite!
Here's a closeup of the book. It's like a baby book from the big sister's (and brother's) point of view.

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