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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Continued

To some of the other guys in my life...Happy Father's Day to y'all too!
My brother, Greg Gillentine, is like my second dad. He had to deal with the idea of a brand new baby in the house when he was 16 years old and even though he tortured me quite a bit as a child...I really look up to him quite a lot. He is the guy I call with car problems, computer problems and when I need advice on where to get the best deals. He has always made sure that I do my best in school and in life in general. He doesn't exactly have any "kids" but he and his fiance are the proud parents of three cats, Simba, Baby Cat and Tiger, and 1 rat terrier named Gigi.
To Joe Wright - Seth's dad and best friend. He worked at Kroger and as a 4th grade teacher for years and nearly everybody who knows him loves him a lot. -

To Jonathan Womack- one of my FAVORITE cousins, I take after him in many ways. He is father to Chalee, my absolute FAVORITE kid and to Jon-Collin James who will be here in late July. He works his butt off to make sure that his family is taken care of...he probably spends TOO much time working - but he means well!

To Uncle Tommy - Jonathan's dad, Chalee's grandpa...he's a farmer and really cares about his farm, his family and his entire community. Ask most people in town and they know who he is...he means a lot to a lot of people.

To Daniel Womack- my cousin who I didn't re-connect with until a couple of years ago...but I'm glad that we are close now. He has three (they're small and active, sometimes it seems like eight!) beautiful little girls AND he's a rock star in a christian rock band called BrokenInside.

To my Uncle Buddy - He's super smart and really generous. He is currently dealing with 3 teenagers in the house, Amelia 16, Robert 14 and Andrew 11 (no wonder he doesn't have any hair!).

All of these guys are big parts of my life...I hope I show my appreciation of them whenever I see them...but it's never enough...Happy Father's Day guys!
And Happy Father's Day to all you other daddy's out there...I hope the day has been excellent for you all!

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