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Saturday, January 19, 2008

A little indulgence...

These are not the best pictures of me. Sorry. Mom made me pose in the PJs and bed jacket last night right before I went to bed. But they're good for the purpose of showing the stuff off I suppose! This is a new line that mom ordered mainly because she wanted the stuff! But because of that, you benefit!

Above is me modeling the "Not Your Granny's Bed Jacket". You've seen those little old ladies (maybe even your Granny) wearing a bed jacket, basically a short version of a housecoat, to keep the chill off while around the house. Well, this company took the classic design and made it a little sportier and a little trendier. Especially in Winter, this is a great thing to have. It's made of microfiber fabric that is so soft and cuddly, you just want to keep it on all the time. I honestly don't think it has to be restricted to just wearing around the house; I think that it is a perfectly acceptable piece to wear when you're out in your lounge wear. The tag for the piece says it best, "One thing is for sure - the postman won't know, you won't care and most kids won't hide behind the bushes if Mom wears this smart little number to drop them off at school."

Next we have THE CUTEST bunny slippers in the world! This is Mom modeling the "Flip Hop" slippers. These are so funny and they really are comfortable! I think they'll make a great gift; birthday (especially a spa party!), baby shower (for the new mom, obviously), wedding shower (wouldn't HIS and HERS bunny flip flops be so funny?) or for someone who is sick at home or in the hospital. Mother's Day is coming up too....this would be an easy gift for those of you confused about what to get for your mom/wife/sister/etc. And we can't forget Valentine's Day and Easter....We totally have your gift buying covered for the whole season!

Ok, I'm pretty crazy about this company too! Their stuff is soooo cute plus their product tags are so funny! Once again, they put it best so I'll just quote the tag directly. "How many times have you bought 'the great pair of shoes' THEN shopped for the perfect outfit to go with them? Uh Huh...that's what we thought. We're just like you. We brought you 'The Classic Bunny Slipper' and the 'Flip Hop'. That wasn't enough. We had to have the perfect outfit to go with them. It didn't exist. So we created 'In Your Dreams' jammies. Pair them up with the 'Not Your Granny's Bed Jacket' and you have the quintessential outfit for strolling to the mailbox, answering the door, driving the kids to school, enjoying your morning coffee, chasing the neighbor's dog that is in your garbage yet again, impressing your sister-in-law, looking good at the hotel fire drill, amazing your husband that you do have a coordinating ensemble...."

There is a CELL PHONE POCKET on these PJs, everyone! How hilarious is that? Perfect for that college student who wants to wear their PJs to class....right?

Their size chart is equally hilarious! Size 4-6 is 'svelte', 8-10 is 'girl next door', 12-14 is 'voluptuous' and 16-18 is 'rubenesque'. The creators of this company are real women, they believe in building up and not tearing down. And really, what does EXTRA LARGE mean? That is a drink size at the movies, not the size of a woman!

Finally, here is one more reason that we all should love them. The creators of the company are committed to having their company really make a difference in the world. They have become involved with the 'Gift of Adoption Fund', which awards grants to qualified adults, who otherwise might not have the financial resources to adopt a child. A full ten percent of all the proceeds from their products go to this great cause! Go <here> to read more!

Also, visit the Runaway Rabbit site on the links to the right to check out their other products so that you can let us know what else you'd like us to order from them!

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