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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Little Miss Valentine Pageant

These gifts have been sent to Morrison for The Little Miss Valentine Pageant. We donated gifts for all of the winners of the pageant. The pageant is on February 9th at Morrison School.

And while I'm on the subject of donations; I know many of you have seen and laughed at my "No Soliciting, Peddling or Begging..." sign on the door at the shop...if you haven't, you should, it covers all the bases. I don't want to scare away any of you, our customers, with that sign though; that isn't what it's there for.

I have it up there because a little over a year ago one of those door-to-door salesmen that tend to be attracted to shopping centers like we are located in came into the shop despite a sign on the door that said "no soliciting". After I asked him to leave because, besides the sign; He wasn't from McMinnville, he started out rude with a few of the things he said, our landlord has said that professional door-to-door salespeople are not welcome in the shopping center and he came into our business selling bags...we carry bags...conflict of interest.
After I pointed out the sign, he came back with an off-color (sexual) remark about the definition of "solicate" and that was not what he was doing...obviously "solicating" was what he was doing and I told him so...but he kept on and kept on and started walking towards me until finally Mom got the phone and started dialing the police and he left.
We did call the police after that and give them his description and just ask that they do a drive-through of the shopping center. I, being the English Major and lover of words that I am, then went through several stores in the shopping center searching for a dictionary. When I found one in the office at Stewart's Pharmacy, I waited for the guy in the parking lot, walked up to him and read him the definition of solicate; which, of course, was what he was doing. And then I made a new No Solicating sign...the one you see now, complete with definition!

Like I said before though; we don't want the sign to keep any of our good customers away from us. If you have any fundraisers, auctions, benefits, pageants, etc. etc. to collect for, feel free to come in and talk to us about it.
We very rarely are able to give monetary donations out, but we are usually more than happy to help out by donating something from our store.

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