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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Great Idea!

Many of you might have already thought of or already knew about this idea...since I just found out about it though, I thought I'd share it with those of you who, like me, hadn't thought of it.

On the Kid's Alice by Crocs, there are little holes at the top to put a little girl's favorite Jibbitz in.

A customer was in a little earlier today and showed me another way to decorate the shoes using that hole. She got a tiny baby bow off the rack and put IT in the hole of a pair of the Alices!

Duh Ashley....they were right under my nose and the thought never crossed my mind! This is a great idea for those of you with baby girls who have bows that already match a certain outfit or as a way to use little bitty bows that your little girl has outgrown!

So, thank you Jennifer for that idea!

If anybody else out there that reads this blog has a great idea for Crocs...or anything else we have in our store, let me know. I love finding new uses for stuff I already have lying around!

1 comment:

Mylie and Me said...

You're very welcome! Mylie's crocs do not fit yet but I can't wait until they do! Thanks for helping us today.