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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chalee's Art...

At the shop yesterday, we got a visit from Chalee. She is my favorite cousin, Jonathan Womack's daughter, also my cousin, but I like to call her my niece. She just feels more like a niece than a cousin. I'm crazy about that kid...she's two and hilarious! Anyway, she was here yesterday and we kept hearing the sounds coming from Roxie and Darla's remodeling and reconstruction. Chalee, being the creative soul that she is, decided that there were elephants next door making all of that noise....Biiiig elephants, she said! The sander does sound a little like an elephant trumpeting, I'll give her that!

We sat down to color and she asked me to draw her an elephant, and then another, and another. She told me that they were the daddy elephant, the mommy elephant and the Chalee elephant. She also drew her own elephant in the lower right hand corner that she said was the sister elephant (Chalee's mommy is having a new baby in July....Chalee is obsessed with sisters now). She wanted to give this drawing to Seth and had me to write out his name and his parents' names so she could "copy" them. She also let me label everything else while she was drawing that I would be able to tell Seth about it later! It was so cute, so detailed and had such a cute story behind it that I just wanted to share it with all of you!

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