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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lots and Lots of Boxes to Unpack!

As you know, Mom and Dad went to the Market in Atlanta this past weekend. They did lots of ordering and I promised some details about and maybe pictures of what they ordered there. I can do you one better! Several of our companies are really getting on the ball this season and we have already received a bunch of stuff!

So here are a few of those things:

With the lack of a good Christian bookstore in town these days, we have had a ton of requests to get some Bible and Christian themed merchandise. Well, mom has found a really great book company that has just those sort of books and we are really excited to have them! In the two days that they've been here at the shop, we have already sold several! The kids are really into these cute books and the parents love them because of the great messages!

We've always had the lacy, decorative keepsake "Baby's First Bible". Now we have these great Bibles that the kids can actually get a lot of use out of. The "Baby's First Bible" pictured is a normal-sized Bible that would be great for a toddler to begin learning to read their Bible and to pay attention during the sermon at Church. Likewise with the little "Holy Bible" pictured...perfect for little hands, no sharp edges and cute illustrations, but still containing a full-sized Bible! In addition to the regular Bibles, we also have a couple of Devotional Bibles tailored to a kid's way of thinking. And I know that it shouldn't make a difference, but look how pretty they are! The kids will be very attracted to these because, what girl isn't a princess? and what boy isn't a manly, mighty warrior?

I am a big Veggie Tales fan. As a kid, I LOVED watching their videos because they were hilarious and I loved the way they told the Bible stories! I have the excuse of my two-year-old cousin, Chalee, to watch Veggie Tales now, as an adult, and they are still hilarious...I still completely love them! And now, they are coming out with a Movie that is in theaters right now! The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything was a really funny "Silly Song with Larry" so I'm sure the movie will be just as funny! Now we have the books with the same know how big pirates are right now!

On to a different company but we will stick with the pirate theme for a moment. Anne Vance, are you listening? We got in some really cute party invitations with a pirate theme because we know there will be a ton of pirate parties this year!

And these sticker books have been sooo popular with the kids. We have always carried one or two, but Mom went a little crazy at Market and got a BUNCH of different themed sets! These make great quiet toys for church or in the car. They are a really great way to keep a child entertained at the hospital or the funeral home when the child is required to be at one of these places...the possibilities are endless! Pirates, of course.

Calico Critters are huge with the girls...all the way from age 2 till at the very least, 9; if not older! They're just so cute and tiny...and now they can play with the Calico Critter sticker sets.

And horses, too, are huge with the kids right now! Come see all the other themes of sticker sets...and really cute themed stationary sets by the same company (not pictured).

With so many new babies being born here in McMinnville, there are also a lot of little boys and girls becoming big sisters and big brothers! These color/activity books are so cute for these older siblings to prepare them for the baby's arrival and to make them realize how important they are to the new baby. These books give them confidence and maybe will make them forget being jealous of the little stranger in their house!

I'll be posting more of the new stuff as it comes in....just keep checking back!

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