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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jibbitz and Butter

I just got in a new shipment of Jibbitz.

I've had several requests for 'Bama Jibbitz....and soccer season has begun. The two in the top right hand corner are a couple more of Disney's Cars that the Jibbitz company has added, Filmore the VW van and Red the firetruck. I got the Republican elephant and the Democrat donkey because the election season has begun. Hannah Montana is another new Jibbit that the company has recently added as well as many Pirates of the Caribbean Jibbitz (I just got the skull and crossbones for now). Tinkerbell was a Jibbit that is a popular one that I had to reorder. The crowns have been requested ALOT so I finally got them. The Predator logo was, of course, a special request from Seth...but I've had LOTS of interest in them and they go really well with the Predator Crocs that we have!

We also (finally!) got in the Crocsbutter. It is a really great product; for those of you who don't know about it, the butter is made to refresh the appearance of your Crocs. After you wash your Crocs, dry them off and rub them with this Crocsbutter sponge....really, it works, and the shoes look almost brand new!

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