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Thursday, July 3, 2008


So, as many of you know...SETH AND I ARE ENGAGED!
but I figure I'll post the whole story for those who want to read about it and, really, just for journal-ings sake...and for any of you that I haven't gotten around to telling(there are just so many important people to tell!)...the grapevine does work pretty fast in this town!
Saturday June 21st I went out to hang out with my girlfriends, MaryJo and Allison, in Murfreesboro. We shopped, we ate at Macaroni Grill and we went to Kay's Jewelry, just being silly, for me to try on rings. I was imagining that I might get engaged in a few months or something and that when that moment came, MaryJo could tell him exactly the ring I needed and there would be no worries on his part about choosing a ring.
Around that same time, back in McMinnville, Seth was at my house talking to my parents and my Aunt Patsy, who just happened to be there too, and getting their permission to ask me to marry him...I had no idea about this.
So, when I got back to town around 10:30 Seth called and asked if I'd like to take a walk downtown. We take late-night walks downtown a lot so I didn't think anything about I said ok.
So after hurrying through our usual route (I thought he was acting funny) we ended our walk at the Park Theatre where he pulled out a RING POP and asked me the question! It was perfect! I've never been the schmoopy romantic type and the thought of anybody getting down on one knee just struck me as kind of odd...and he knew that about me and that the Ring Pop was my kind of thing and would make me he didn't do anything but pull out the ring pop and say "do you want to marry me?" and that was it...PERFECT! I said yes, of course...and here is a picture of my original engagement ring! Cherry, of course, because it's classic, like!
Turns out when my grandmother died several years ago, she left behind a diamond engagement ring! My brother had been keeping it for when I got engaged
and so, now, I have it! We got it cleaned (it's an old ring), repaired (once again, old ring, and had been worn out just a little), and resized; and today I got it back from the jewelry store...Yay!
I'll keep you all posted on wedding details...I have no idea how I will limit the guest list...there are so many people in town that I love and want to share the BIG DAY with...any ideas? I might start a wedding blog for know me, I'm bloggy!


tammyrncheermom said...

Congratulations Ashley & Seth!!! No, I hadn't heard and loved the story.It was so cute that he gave you a ring pop! Very honorable that he talked with your parents first. You all make a wonderful couple and again congrats!!!!! I am so happy for you both.

Danielle said...

CONGRATS!!!! I had no idea or I would have given you a great big hug yesterday. I'm soooo happy for you two. You make such a wonderful couple and I know that you will be very happy.

Ashley's Attic said...

Lol...sorry, I'm not very good at telling people. I'm very excited about it...I just never know how to segue it into conversations! Thanks so much! I'll talk to you soon.

Sheila said...

Congratulations Ashley and Seth, you two will make a beautiful family! I'm impressed with Seth asking your parents, shows what a great young man he is.
Keep us posted and continue to celebrate!

The Craven's said...


Makayla S. said...

CONGRATS!!!:)any set date?

Rachel said...

Congradulations! I love the ring- both ringpop and grandmas!