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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What does $2,000 worth of Jibbitz look like?

New Jibbitz are HERE!

The giant flowers are always popular...and I FINALLY was able to get in the black and white ones...hooray!
Disney Princesses Cinderella and Ariel join the mix...
Ok, so that isn't really "the" Joker...but it works, right? With the movie being so popular and all, we're almost out of I figured now was a good time to reorder!
Some of my nurses, medics and firefighters have been asking for Jibbitz with their you go!
I love the trucks and rocket ships!
Ballet shoes for my ballerinas...
and what was suppose to be a yellow ribbon for the troops...but it looks more gold to me...I guess it still works the same way if the thought is there, huh?


We've got 'em all covered!

Since several of our Predators went to Philadelphia, and since they aren't in our division or our conference, we can cheer for them! So for atleast me and Seth...maybe a few others...I got the Flyers Jibbitz. I still love Scotty Hartnell and Kimmo GO PHILLY!...unless we ever meet them in the Stanley Cup Finals...then BOOO!...but, trust me, it'll be hard for me to say that to Scotty!

Of course, UT....

I ordered the Dallas Cowboys' Star...also I reordered the Titans, Vandy and my Predators Jibbitz...

Jewels are always popular ... especially when y'all see the CUTE sparkly outfits that we have for fall that these jewels will go great with! And just so you know...I ordered extra of the pink, fuchsia, purple and clear....I know that's what you wanted!

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