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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ecototes & Key Fobs

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, I'm sure you've noticed the Market Basket Trend that has taken over in McMinnville lately. Well, when our customers ask, we do our best to we hopped on the bandwagon and found a great company that carried a line of market baskets called Ecototes that met our customers' needs. Yes, they're good for the environment...less plastic bags is always a good thing (because you only have so many mini trash cans in the house that need lining!).
In addition to that, though, they come with a removable zip-on cover for the top, they're washable and collapsible and, my favorite part, only $29.99! They make a great gift for any occasion and look so cute monogrammed!
This is a picture from our first shipment...we have now received our second shipment and the patterns that we got this time are even cuter (I'll post those pictures soon...but until then, drive by the shop and check out the window display)!

Another of our great new lines is Key Fobs. They're beautiful, hand painted key chains that come in a variety of colors. This is another great gift idea!We can also have them personalized with names, dates and faces. Here are a couple that mom ordered to display. Cute, huh?

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