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Monday, August 27, 2007

John Adams...and 7 other things about me

Tonya tagged me, so here goes....

1. I have a favorite United States president. It is John Adams. I'm kind of obsessed with Adams-related history. I own three of his biographies and one about his wife, Abigail. I LOVE the musical 1776, in which Adams is the main character. I have a second favorite president too. It is Andrew Jackson...I know, I'm weird.

2. I like awkward. I can't really explain it, but I get some sort of unnatural enjoyment out of awkward moments, therefore I actually look forward slightly to uncomfortable situations (even when I'm the one being uncomfortable!). I think that maybe gives me a little power in those types of situations though, the enjoying it, so I guess that's pretty good.

3. I collect shot glasses and tea cups.

4. My first "celebrity" crush was on Claude Monet. I learned about him and his artwork in my art class when I was very little and mom says I talked about him all the time and begged for Monet coffee table books after that. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see his work in a museum!

5. I read something years ago about bacteria flying out of the toilet when you flush it and getting on your toothbrush. Ever since then I have had a very OCD like obsession with the toilet lid being closed before I (or anyone else around me) flushes the toilet, especially in my bathroom.

6. I sleep with somewhere between 5 and 8 pillows in my bed at night.

7. I hate cold weather...HATE! I have a deal with God that I will not complain no matter how hot he decides it should be outside and I will even compliment the heat daily as long as I can complain and complain every single hour of every day during the Winter. I hate layering my clothes. So excuse me for being so chipper about these 100 degrees-plus days...I thank God for them!

8. When I'm sick, the only thing I will eat/drink is warm cherry Jell-o (right after it's mixed out of the microwave) juice and only if my dad makes it and only out of a plastic cup.

It's been hard finding someone who hasn't been tagged...but Tabetha, you're it!

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