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Monday, August 20, 2007

New Shoes!

Here are some pictures of the new Crocs. I decided to model them for everyone on here. D'ya think I'd make a good shoe/foot model? Haha...

The Mammoth is just like a regular Cayman except no back-strap and it has a fleece-y lining. The lining pops out and the shoe can be worn by itself. The lining is also washable. We have them from a kids' size 6/7 to women's size 11 (that's men's 9). The colors are black on black, oatmeal on chocolate, oatmeal on cotton candy and oatmeal on red. I haven't got to wear it out a whole lot yet because it's been so hot and they are really warm but I know they'll be great for winter.

The Alice is a cross between the Mary Jane and the Prima ballet flat. It's my favorite so far because it's so cute on. We have them from a kids' size 4/5 up to a women's size 11. They come in black, brown, turquoise, ruby and grape. I love the turquoise the most! These are the colors that are coming up all over the place in Fall and Winter fashions and the shoes go really well with the new clothes we've got in for the girls for back-to-school!

These two styles are great, I'm quite excited about them. They're already selling fast and we're already running out of some colors and sizes so come get some while we still have this first shipment in stock!

1 comment:

Tonya said...

The brown Alice shoes that mom picked up for Caroline are too big. Do you have a 12/13 in brown? Hold them if you do. Caroline loves the shoes and wants to wear them. I will come in around 2.