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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tricks and Treats!

Well, I hope everyone had a happy, safe and candy-filled Halloween! We had so much fun seeing all of the "spooks" that came by the shop on Friday and we gave out a whole lot of candy, discounts and other goodies to our customers all weekend long!

Here's a really great picture of Dad, Mom and our good friend Audrey. Audrey came by to help us hand out candy because she loves kids so much and wanted to see a bunch of them for Halloween! ***I've finally figured out the way to make mom smile normal in pictures is to count to three but then to keep on counting until it gets awkward and funny and she starts laughing!***

Seth and I decided to be Indiana Jones and his girlfriend/sidekick Marion Ravenwood. My costume didn't make much sense without him standing beside me, but at least I was comfortable all day! He had a real bull-whip to carry around and I carried a not-so-real snake to pretend to scare him with all afternoon.

Two beautiful fairy princesses stopped by...

A funny court jester came by to make us giggle...

Here is Barbie (a.k.a my Chalee) striking a pose...

and here she is again with her 3-month-old baby brother, Joncollin the cow...

Miss Gracie the black cat came by to get some treats...

She brought along her super-special mommy and I couldn't resist taking a mommy/daughter shot. I loved Michelle's cute fall sweater!

Sharpay from High School Musical and a scarecrow came to see us...

Here is a close-up of one of our scarier trick-or-treaters...the "blood" dripped down and oozed all over the face....eeeewwww! It was kind of cool though!
Riley the Robot and Princess Ginger stopped to pose for a picture. That robot costume is one of those homemade costumes that I LOVE...way to go Riley!
Ashton is Sheila Young at Wallpaper for Less' grandson. He came by the shop early in his Halloween t-shirt with his trick-or-treat bucket in tow!
Little Miss Lola was boo-tiful in her Fall-colored bow from the shop!
Elmo a.k.a. Kora came to satisfy her sweet tooth with Hello Kitty candy!
Darla Roberts, from Tan 4 U, dressed up on Thursday night for a Kids of the Community event.

That's it...I'm already sooo ready for next year! Have you started thinking about your costume yet?

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