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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Visit from Chalee

I'm going to borrow an idea from Renee Garcia's and Jessica Higgins' blogs. They both post cute conversations and quotes from their kids and hearing their "kids say the darndest things" moments always makes me laugh and laugh.

So today my Chalee came to visit me at the shop and our conversation went like this...

Me: Chalee, You're getting so tall! You're just growing up too fast...I want you to stay little!

Chalee: Aa (that's what she calls me) I have to grow up soon so that I can go to school!

Me: Where are you going to school at?

Chalee: I'm going to Kimder-garden at Dibrell.

Me: What are you going to do in Kimder-garden? Are you going to learn to read and write?

Chalee: Yup...I know my ABC's already!

Me: Are you going to learn numbers and adding?

Chalee: No Aa...they don't have numbers at Dibrell. But they have cups!

LOL...I love that kid! I hope she'll learn a little bit about numbers when she goes to school though...and I really don't know what the "cups" comment was about!

While she was at the shop she had to "help" me of course! Here she is "helping" to wrap a Christmas order...I was actually kind of impressed at her ability to go through the motions of wrapping.

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