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Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've gotten the word back from customers who have been wearing their Juneaus and all the reviews are positive. They seem to run just a little wide...but that hasn't bothered most customers; with Crocs, the best way to find out if they fit is to come in and try them on. I finally decided to take off my Alices (you know how I love them) and wear a pair of Juneaus today and I really loved them! They feel kind of springy when you walk and they have a bit of a heel to them so they make me feel just a bit taller and I like that. Come in and try a pair on...we have them in silver, brown, navy and black.

I also got a few more of the children's mammoths in so, if we were out of the color you needed a few weeks ago, we just might have it now.

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