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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Spread the Love" Award

Danielle Sliger gave me this "Spread the Love" Award. She's such a sweet lady, wonderful mommy, dedicated educator and passionate volunteer... and said such nice things about me to go along with this award! Thanks Danielle!

I have been so blessed recently, so this is the perfect time to be able to "spread the love" as the award says!

  • In June my wonderful boyfriend proposed and became my wonderful fiance
  • Then, a few weeks ago I got hired at River Park Hospital to work in the Marketing Department there doing stuff that I would probably do for free (don't tell my bosses that, though!) and started getting paid for the internship that I'm already doing there
  • I am set to graduate on December 13th and to begin working full time at the hospital the following week
  • Sometime in January or February I hope to have a house to move into (c'mon honey...January or February!)
  • And then in March I will become Mrs. Wright...a very nice series of events!

On top of all of that, everything at the shop is really great! We've had the opportunity to bring in several new lines recently that we're super-excited to share with all of you. We also have the best customers that any business could ask for...lots of loyal customers who visit us often and who we consider part of the family but also lots of new customers who we hope will come back often and will become part of the family! We've been told time and time again that we offer some of the best customer service around and have even been honored with the "Best of the Best" award for many years now! We're so grateful to our wonderful customers for keeping us around for all these years...we'll gladly give y'all 21 more years if you keep coming in!

Once again, I feel so blessed. God really is SO GOOD!

So, you see, I can't keep all of the happy to myself. That being said, if you read this post and feel like you have reason to "spread the love" consider yourself tagged!

I don't have a long list of local links (nice alliteration!) and some of my links have already been nominated for I don't want to keep nominating the same people over and over (even though it's for a good reason!). I'd love to read your "spread the love" stories...please comment if you accept this award!

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