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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Annual Education Conference

I'm finally getting a chance to chill out and relax after a busy weekend at the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries' Annual Education Conference in Birmingham, Alabama. We had a lot of fun and got to meet lots of women from all over the south who are extremely dedicated to Junior Auxiliary's cause. We also got to attend several meetings, seminars, talks and workshops designed to inspire us and help us learn to do our jobs as J.A. volunteers even better. We came back from the conference with so many great ideas...I can't wait to start acting on those ideas! My camera was dead part of the time...and we stayed busy so much that I often forgot to take pictures...but here are just a few that I remembered to take...

[This is me and my roomie Kristi...I'm pretty much an only child (my brother is 16 years older than me) so I don't share a room well...I'm so glad I had Kristi in my room because she made me so comfortable and didn't mind my only child room sharing habits...or lack thereof. We talked a lot though and I'm glad that I got to know her a little better. I can't wait to work with her on some of the projects we discussed.]

[I'm amazed that Shauna got to come along on the trip. She's one of those supermoms that I admire...and on top of that she is very involved in the community and she's an amazing nurse that got nominated for two awards at River Park Hospital this weekend but missed the ceremony to be with us at the conference...(not to mention she looks like a supermodel...see the picture)! She was also one of the drivers that got us to Birmingham...Thank you Shauna!]

[Brooke, Cole and our 2008-2009 J.A. President Natalie on their way to the parking garage to go home...we all missed our families after two and a half days so we were really ready to head out. ]

[This is our row during one of the meetings...Jaime caught me trying to get a candid pic...]

Oh...and for my Ashley's Attic connection; I was on my feet the whole weekend and what do you think I had on them? Crocs, of course...I wore my black Alices the ENTIRE TIME! They are super comfortable and allowed me to go from casual to business casual to after-five-cocktail dressy without having to change to a different style shoe...pretty cool for one pair of shoes, eh? They're my favorites, seriously...if you haven't tried a pair of the Alice, you really need to get into the shop and let us fix you up with a pair!

1 comment:

Danielle said...

This is the first year in four years that I haven't attended the conference. Looks like you all had a great time! Keep up the great work that you do!